Friday, November 29, 2013

College Graduation

Let's start the post with some aggresive chicken-dancing
and me screaming at you
The day started with my mum half-shouting from the hall "GET UP YOU'RE GONNA BE LATE"

and I scrambled from the bed and took my phone to check the time and hola, it's 9am. And I need to reach the college by 1pm, so I pretty much got around 3 hours to myself even after showers and meals etc. People,  I introduce you the different clock systems in my family. Namely my mum's and mine.

What I wore was something that I would not wear on normal days. It's kinda like a dress-thing. Plus mum bugged me to use le lipstick since this is a special occasion and she wanted me to look mai best.

Managed to reach le college by 12.00++pm and registered at the foyer. Sent mai sister to the library so she can use the computers in peace, and I soon went to one of le classrooms (room 309 desu~!!) to wait for the briefing and meanwhile, try to finish the novel that I brought along with me (Failed).

Was lining up desu
Well. Friends. Classmates. The ones that tease you and makes you so embarrassed you want to dig a hole in the ground and hide. They apparently knew that I was going to be in the classroom already because they then let minion into le classroom and say stuff like "LOL FEW MONTHS CANNOT MEET D LEII GIVE YOU CHANCE TOGETHER-GETHER GO NAO". not word by word but that's just about what they meant. They then blocked the door so le minion couldn't get out. Not knowing what to do I just. well. Continue reading and ignore le minion who I think was trying to tell the others to not be stupid and just open the door.

Which they finally did after he sat behind me.

Not before commenting "Wrong row" though. Cause apparently as a bf and gf couple thing we're supposed to be together all the time and so he should be sitting next to me. But this is college it's different xDD

Within the next half an hour or so the class became more packed with students and photo-takings. so many photos. and so much noise, everyone talking to one another and so forth. I don't know what the guys talked about but it's mainly about the graduation speech and montage and some other blabbers I did not really catch. Meanwhile at the girls' side it's more like

From left: Cindy, me, Ryana, Jia Ying
*sees that close friend you have or have not met for some time*
*repeat sequence for the next few close friends*
*proceeds to take pictures and just chat*

Then there's the montage video which would not be played during the course representative speech so we watched it in the classroom. This time the video is divided into two parts, le Semester 1 part and le Semester 2 part. Those photos are all pretty much familiar but to see it put into a video is quite another thing. Those are memories, yo. Memories that would be kept for the years to come. Watching the video made me regret I didn't mix around with my coursemates that much back then though. It would have been nice to know them for a longer term. 

Instead, I only got to know them more by the second semester and for some, even like the last few weeks of the second semester. Which kind of sucks because I wouldn't really get to see them anymore, not much anyway. So yeah it sucks. But GLAD TO HAVE KNOWN YOU GUYS ANYWAY YO I'LL REMEMBER YOU GUYS (for as long as my short memory span allows me to).

And FINALLY we entered the hall and got seated and listened to speeches from the principal, the A-levels' representatives (NW IS SO CUUUTEEEEE), and then see le A-levels seniors go up le stage to get their certificates.

THEN THERE'S THE SPEECH FOR MUFY YAY delivered by Shah and Aishu (as I call them). They talked of our lecturers and how we helped each other during the whole course and just how glad they were to have been in MUFY at all although they were initially unsure about their decision. Aside from knowledge, they have also obtained friendships and valuable memories and what's more, there're some skills that you simply cannot obtain without going through college after all. to Shah who thanked me for teaching him Maths, you're welcome. And hopefully your Maths results would make both of us proud.

The speech was ended with a phrase about us MUFY-ians being united and thus, "One for all..."

*SHOUTS FROM LE MUFY GANG SITTING BEFORE LE STAGE* "ALL FOR ONE!!!" We are one big family, all of us MUFY-ians (so is it incest between le minion and I?).

Then it's to accepting the certificates. Which are all fake and
has to be exchanged for real ones outside the hall upon taking the photos. My mum and brother kept telling me stuff like "stand straight k, push your glasses upwards" and so on while I was waiting in line. Everyone was clapping for everyone and well, that feeling of accepting the certificate was actually kind of confusing because although the certificate says you have completed your studies there you haven't actually obtained your results for Semester 2 nor the overall results and the photos taken are only to be received 2 whole months later so you're like half-graduating to be exact.

While some of the students received the awards, some names were called out. As in, while a girl walks up to get her certificate some guys would call after her a guy's name. Presumably the guy who likes her or the guy that she likes. And most of the name-calling originated from the MUFY bunch. After the AUSMAT students accepted their certificates as well, it's on to the special awards stuff. Two awards: one for academic and one for overall achievement which includes the clubs and societies etc. Apparently my dad was notified about me getting the award by my English lecturer Ms Emmy, so he just stood by waiting while I looked at him astounded at why he was standing there for no apparent reason.

Outstanding academics award yo
Some words I caught while they were describing me though (short-term memory forgot most of the descriptions already) "May seem quiet" "avid reader" "likes to draw" "Aims to study arts and design in the future". That got mai heartbeat rate going up cause I was like "Woah I wonder who's gonna get this award. Avid reader though. Why are my classmates looking at me and chanting 'Turtle' over and over. wait. Drawing. Is that really for me. Did I - woah. WOAH. MUM DAD DID YOU SEE THAT I GOT THE AWARD WOAH WOAH WOAAAAHHH"

And of course when I went to take the certificate I could hear minion's name being called out as well. Either way I ain't even mad bruh cause my mission to get something back for my parents is completed. That's what they want - academic excellence - and in return I get to study the course of my choice after this. Arts and Design.

So what if you think my so-called knowledge and skills are wasted. As I've said before and will say again now, if I can score well in subjects I'm not interested in, imagine how well I can perform in a subject that I am passionate about. Given the chance to learn I might be able to be really good in what I'll be doing. 

No regrets studying Biology, however. Biology is probably the only Science subject that I actually have interests in.

Shah got the award too (Which I totally expected because he got an award back in Semester 1 as well)  and upon collecting this new certificate we had to take a photo with out family members and then just by ourselves. For promotional purposes, I reckon.

really small photo of le MUFY group
With all the certificate business done we went back to the foyer to take more photos. It's group photo this time, and while the AUSMAT students literally had to squeeze their way through the photoshoot - there were many people in that batch I wonder why - we mufians occupied only two rows. One for the guys, one for the girls. and the photo was done with. 

To be collected 2 months later.

Got a photo with mah favourite lecturer OMG yiss xD
More photos with the lecturers and friends while some of them ate at the courtyard as well (Saw le minion's mum and this time she looks much friendlier) (On a side note le minion also greeted moi mom who still commented stuff like "Boyfriends need to be manly and trusty. Whai your boyfriend like so childish immature like that one? He didn't even clap for you when you go up the stage take you certs I was observing kay am your mum afterall" Yep, that's mai mum).

Something astounding though. My English lecturer was suddenly like, "There seems to be some interesting details that you have omitted from telling me" while looking at le minion and I. So le lecturer knew. Through Facebook. Through Shah's Facebook, to be precise. And well, after I went back home le minion told me that quite a number of lecturers asked him about us being a couple.

News do spread fast I suppose, especially through the social media.

christmas pucca
NOT  a christmas present.
AND AND AND before I went back Aishu gave me this teddy bear thing which is really cute and Ryana gave me chocolates that she bought from Taiwan am touched k thanks you know i love you guys. And although it was embarrassing I managed to give minion le gift. that I bought in Genting Highland. mentioned in previous posts. 

I still think it's too girlish but it's cute and he said he likes it anyway so what the heck off you go Pucca kid you found yourself a new home go chase your dreams. And you're really cute k given any opportunities I'd hug you again because you're so fluffy that I'm gonna die.

Well, I should probably leave the rantings for another post. That's all for the graduation ceremony! Will update this post as soon as possible with photos, so check back the next day or something. 

MUFY, you're one awesome course with all its awesome students and lecturers. Imma miss all this.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reminders to Myself

There may be times in life when you want to give up,
hide into your shell and never come out
but look around you and you will find
experiences that ensure
you shall be fine.

There may be times when you believe
Friends, family and love
shan't be relished
Look at the pictures and memories captured
and remember
They're what that really mattered.

There may be times when you care no more
thinking that everything is just a bore
then look again
this time at your dreams
a reminder that things aren't as hard as they seem.

There may be times when you well up and cry
bracing yourself to just die
Stop looking around
reach out this time
to those who you found
worthy of your "Je' t'aime".

This time let there be no rhyme
just remember how health can decline
take care of yourself,
sleep and dine
But most of all, keep in mind
stay sane and you'll be just fine.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BL games and Stalkers

There. A nice gif. file to start the day. and the blog post.

While I'm ranting here my mum's ranting about how we are all going to shut the laptop down at 6pm and it's already 2pm. I have 4 remaining hours of internet time.

It's sad to have internet restriction hours at home, you know. But then yeah, at home I think all le family members are kinda stuck to the internet. Other than procrastinating the researching job, I wake up around 11am and see my sister already sitting in front of the computer gaming. God knows what time she woke up and immediately started gaming. I can do without my games really. In fact I have not been gaming for quite a while. I'm leaning more to just sticking on Facebook and my blog really. And today, 9gag and Youtube as well.

I still am learning to use this Photoshop program, and at this moment my Hadaka Shitsuji game is still being torrented. Hadaka Shitsuji, because I really want to try play my first BL game. In case you're wondering, it's translated into 'Naked Butler'. And from the comments from my friends who have played it, it seems like a hilarious choice to start with. I mean.


Uh, there's some normal guys inside this game too. I am wondering about the role of this old man at the left here but I am more curious about how the other guys are going to play their roles in this butler game. Butlers. Suits. THEY DO THINGS. THINGS. 

Things. *Perverted smile*

Well I'll spare you the details of exactly what things. I will, however, enjoy this game and try to get all the routes. and be careful so that my mum or dad would not see me playing this. Because they will probably wonder how my brain works and browse through my laptop for my porn stash.

Which I don't have. Unless you count the pictures I downloaded from my stalker activities on Facebook. People I stalk and their pictures are kind of my porn stash really, because when I have nothing else to do I would just stare at their pictures and try to figure out how their life is like, how they smile, who they hang out with and all that.

It's fun, babe.

Ah but with the internet restriction hours it means that I got to rush through my research project as well >< Why oh why does this happen to me I want to go back to the college hostel and reclaim my freedom. I do not like being restricted. Like that gif. at the beginning of this post, 


I can't wait to study my designing course ;w; <3

Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Holiday Trip

4 days 3 nights - Le trip to KL and to Melaka with my family.

Went to KL to visit The One Academy and PJCAD under INTI college and we then went to Genting Highland to enjoy the cool weather and all before visiting Melaka to go to the A'Famosa Water Park and visit all the familiar places of our hometown.

Ah, TOA is like right next to the Sunway Lagoon place, where things are overpriced and ice-skating rinks are placed. It bothered my parents that the colleges here does not have hostels within the campus area like Sunway College in JB does. 

You see, TOA is basically located at the upstairs of a row of shoplots. But the syllabus seems to provide what I need to learn to bring out the potential I might have in me. PJCAD meanwhile is quite a huge building itself, and the facilities are just as good as in TOA. The course is shorter - 2.5 years, and does not include marketing which is kind of essential for designing courses.

It doesn't quite matter to me how the college looks like really, safety and studies are more of my priorities. If I have to stay in an apartment so be it, I'll still survive anyway.

A blurry shot from mai phone: PSY - Gentleman
Going to Genting, the outdoors theme park has been closed down for renovation and will be reopened in 2016, so I heard. Bought a gift for le minion while I was there, and I'm going to give it to him this Friday when I see him :3 What we did was mostly just walking around to see the performances and new stuff in the building. Ah yes the performance. That whole week in Genting, le performance was Korea-themed. 

So when we arrived at the place, 4 dudes and 4 babes were performing Korean dance choreography. And I shit you not they have awesome bootyz.

And when they all put their suit on to dance to this Gentleman song I just HHHNNNNGGGGG because I find people in suits irresistible. Come propose to me in formal attire and I would agree because that's how much I love formal attires. Necktie, blazer, stuff like that. 

Selfie-ing likaboss in Genting Highland LOL
Either way it's the very first time in my life that my family and I went to Genting Highland without playing in its theme park. We just went there for the photos, and for my mum, the casino. 

She said that she was on a winning streak until dad decided to pop by as well. In the end she lost about RM150, I think. I probably will never see the point of gambling or throwing your money into machines in hopes of getting that chance of getting the jackpot which is like, what, 1:987654321? 

I saw these canimals plush toys on sale there, and I really really wanted to get the minion one of that puppy thing at the front row, first from the right. But it cost RM50 and I did not have enough money AND the puppy one was out of stock already. I spent RM18 on a cup of Starbucks for the heck of it. So having that plush toy option unavailable, I then found something else that I can actually afford and looks very awesome and cute as well, so I bought that instead. Still crossing my fingers that the gift is not too girlish.

Derp photo of me with no specs
So that marks the end of our stay in KL. We then went to Melaka, where YAY WATER PARK

OMG there's this new thing called the big ice cream or something where you slide down in a four-seater thing, and it goes real fast because of the weight and then suddenly whoosh 90 degrees downwards and out of the blue it's like you're sitting on a pirate's ship thing, swaying from the left to the right (also about 90 degrees) and then the panic's over and you're on a normal slide once more. Look it up. And if you ever get to go to Melaka, go to this place called the A'Famosa Water Park and go have fun, people. 

Ah, we went around Melaka afterwards, window-shopping and all, before we head back home around 6pm.

There's little changes to things at home, except for the increase in amount of le lizards' sheet.

And it's back to work once more, researching stuff. But it's okay cause I'll receive my pay for this.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who I Used to Be

A Facebook friend of mine posted this question, asking us who we used to be in the past. I did not answer in the comment section there, as I was suddenly wondering that myself.

Ever wondered how you've changed and
who you will be in the future?

Who was I in the past, and how am I any different now from the person I used to be? Or, really, did I change at all? A trait that I'm sure stuck with me though, is that I have always loved reading and drawing and probably always will. 

Back when I was still in primary school I dreamt of becoming a doctor, a teacher, and then a comic artist. I started to draw my own comics (usually only 20 to 40 pages) on unused papers around the age of 11 right till when I was 13 or so when I can no longer finish a comic that I started. Most of the comics I made are now sort of childish to me, but hey, back then when I drew them they were hot items among my friends who loved reading the stories I made up.

I then moved on to story-writing instead, putting the stories into words instead of pictures. For one that loves reading, I was motivated to write as good as the authors can, and am still trying to improve myself in English proficiency through blogging and all.

There was a phase where most of the other kids that age might have experienced.

Ever heard of the 'emo phase'? I entered that phase when I was about 12 or 13. Started cutting myself, liking the pain and the taste of blood that would linger in my mouth for some time after licking those wounds. Admitting it now, I may have just done so to get attention from my peers. But there was a small part of me that really felt relief upon cutting myself, to get rid of whatever inner turmoils I faced at that age. Once you start cutting yourself it becomes something like an obsession, a habit that you find hard to stop. I cut myself with a pair of scissors, along the lengths of my arm. But only small scratches, really. 5 or 6 lines at one time maybe, and sometimes there will be blood, sometimes none. Thankfully what I did to myself was totally a minor case compared to what the others are doing to themselves.

Anger management much?
Even now I still hurt myself sometimes, but not using sharp items anymore. When agitated or upset I might scratch myself really hard with my nails - sometimes till it becomes an injury which needs a week or so to completely heal - or pull at my hair or just punch the wall. But I'll only resort to doing these when I have no one to rant to or when I am unable to scream into a pillow. 

Other than being that 'odd emo girl in class', another word, 'solitary' or more bluntly, 'anti-social' or 'shy' or just 'quiet' might fit into my past descriptions of myself.

Look into the classroom and I'd usually be that person sitting next to the window looking outside or reading or drawing at my table, not talking much to anyone else unless someone talks to me first. However I actually found my own group of friends afterwards who shared a common interest: Manga and anime. That's how I got to know my first bunch of best friends back in Melaka. While the other girls were talking about the latest leggings or catalog selling awesome necklaces and shoes, we'd sit at a table talking about our non-existent anime boyfriends and singing Japanese songs that I doubt any of us knew the meaning of. But those were the days, and to this day I actually still remember the lyrics to some of the songs, only that this time, I know the meanings of some parts of the lyrics. =P

I may have become slightly more sociable now, having known an awesome group of people at college. Slightly, I say, because I may be very sociable one day and talk to everyone I know and then the very next day when I head to college again I would be all quiet and sitting by myself once more until I eel sociable enough to start talking to other humans.

Minion's still trying to make me less of an introvert though, or so he says. Oh, if he starts study early, in February next year, we wouldn't be able to meet till August when I finally get to start studying again. that means like 6 months not seeing each other. He hasn't had a distance-ish relationship before, so I am a little worried for him. .___. It's not nice not being able to meet someone that you love for that long, you know. We made a deal to get ourselves a set of rings before we part ways for the next few months should the worst really happen after all. I cross my fingers. 

Internet, you understand me.
That aside though, I can only conclude that I have not changed much really. But my attachment to the internet and Facebook sure grew quite some!

Uh, at least I'm not an alcoholic, taking drugs, smoking, frequent customer of a night club (never been to a pub or a club before), nor keep changing my phones (Been using same phone for the 3rd year now and it's still good) and ask to buy those really awesome stuff that I really want aye?  Attachment to the internet is still better than attachment to cigarettes and drugs afterall :3 Ehehe excuses excuses. Ahem.

Back to work. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanks for caring =)

There's this thing about being me. I can suddenly feel high and happy and just, well, excited about stuff for NO APPARENT REASONS for like half an hour or so before I sink into an unfathomable sadness and stress. For the same reason: No reasons.

I won't know why this happens, or if anything actually made me upset. Most of the time, nothing bothered me and the hormones in me just decides to make me feel that way. 

It happened last night, around 8pm maybe. And minion was there, watching the TV but replying to my messages nonetheless.

I was just doing my assignment then, and at that precise moment that high feeling I was experiencing turned into this weird despair and sadness. At some point in the conversation with le minion at Fb, I just stopped replying because I didn't know what to say and really, I just didn't feel like doing anything anymore.

This isn't even PMS. My PMS phase was over for the month. ==

But yeah, after several minutes of not replying his message (Usually I reply immediately upon receiving HIS reply lol) he called.

Well what's the worst that can happen? About two weeks into our relationship I actually cried into the phone when talking to him. (Contained all the unknown feels within half a minute and stopped crying OMO CAUSE I AM STRONG AND STRONG TURTLES DO NOT CRY)

Bad move though, because he got more worried. His friend asked him to go out for a drink and all, and my hormones and brain told me like, "Yeah, it's time to cry baybeh ruin the night for him."

arigatou, mah minion.
So he stayed on the phone for like, what, 30 minutes, trying to get me to log off my laptop and get into bed and simply go to sleep. He actually planned not to hang up until he was sure I was asleep but no I cannot fall asleep with a phone at my ear so I had to convince him that I was alright and that he should really hang up already.

Maybe it's just having him there talking to me or something, but I honestly felt alright nearing the end of the call. Like, dayum, when was the last time someone cared for me to that extent? I aint really sure how to express my feelings for this but I just wanna let le minion know that I really am grateful for his care for me.

After sleeping I was totally alright again (stupid hormonez) and I am only more determined not to repeat my past mistakes anymore. He was like, really worried for me although he didn't have to be?? Am certain that I will not regret this relationship. He may spend quite some time with his friends and all, but when he's with me he'd make sure I don't feel neglected or anything. And I don't NEED him with me ALL THE TIME. So that pretty much compromises our relationship perhaps.

Lol I'm ranting crap again

Just wanna let him know that I appreciate him tho. To le extent where I shall learn to cook. And try be a really good gf. Thanks for still caring and loving me even when I'm doing that gay-crying thing okeii laling. Imma propose to you with self-made bak kut teh one day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Minions, MINIONS.

By now I have packed up everything except for what that I'll be wearing and using till tomorrow. And I have went to that job briefing thing, where it was settled that I will be doing research to earn my salary.
What kind of research? Let's say that this guy wants to open a boutique. I'll research on the current trends, types of clothes for males and females, fabric materials, the packaging of the clothes and the appropriate shop display. Then I hand my research findings to my employer. 

Having done something similar for my college lab reports, this can at least be done since I know nothing about building design. The least I can do is to find out more info before my employer starts drafting his floor plans and so forth.

I have begun researching for my first assignment, which topic I would not disclose here.

Meanwhile, Minion visited around 11pm just now and gave me a huge minion he won from Legoland. And I'm not kidding about it being huge. It would have cost quite a huge sum of money if bought from any outlets but to win it is quite something else. I. Am. Happy. like, Happy with a capital 'H'. ... No, not really. It's more like 'I am HAPPY'. Like, ULTRA-HAPPY. Cloud-9 happy.

Having spent the day at Legoland, le Minion and his two bros won themselves a minion each. They actually waited for the station workers' shift to change so that they can each bring back a minion.

So yeah. Three dudes, three minions.

And mai minion gave his to me. 

Before he arrived he DID tell me not to be too surprised and I had not suspected much. If anything, I thought he was going to pull some pranks on me. But turns out it was a very pleasant surprise which I can bring home and even strap to the seat next to mine when I finally have a car.

Venue: Legoland, Johor, Malaysia.
Event: Le 3 dudes won minions.
Bromance power much?

Told you le Minion is huge, didn't I?

And Imma bring it to bed with me so that I can make you jealous.

A Minion from a minion. Yes. "For you to remember me by" was just about what he said to me. Well, we don't know when we might meet again, although yes, both of us live in  the same state and can probably meet  up as long as we both drive. His place is approximately an hour and a half's (maybe more or less, depending on the speed with which you drive) drive away from mine though.

And its not like I can just ask my dad to bring me to his place or to somewhere near where he is whenever I want.

There IS a best case scenario, which makes our outings possibly more frequent. My employer has two offices, one in a mall quite a distance from where we both live, and one which is just in the area where le minion lives. Like, he can possibly drive just 5 to 10 minutes tops and he'd arrive at my workplace.

Introducing: Dave the Minion and
Dave the Minion.
*Crosses fingers*

To mark the LAST day of me staying in the hostel here, I have been out with minion and his other two friends at a food stall nearby for supper till 12.30a.m.. Which is past the 'curfew hours' of the college and hostel, so to speak. But I was let off because I have not done this before and I am leaving the very next day. 

Currently waiting for le minion to send me some pictures so I can upload them on this post. 

Ah just received them. Had them uploaded.

Let today mark le day as well that I told him I love him in person for the first time. Or told him at all, actually. I have only said it to him through Facebook and never anywhere else. Too shy, I reckon. 

I can now spend the next 10 months figuring out and preparing his birthday present next year and with some luck, maybe our 1st year anniversary gift as well. 

1st year anniversary though. To give out a present on my own birthday... hmmm. Sounds pretty awesome. :3

Either way, today has been a good day indeed. A very good day.

Hopefully I'll get to meet le minion again soon~!! >w< Uh, the real minion. ... As in, My minion. the living one. Yeah. 

Thanks once more for this really awesome gift, mai minion~!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nothing to rant on!!

I drew some stuff on my tablet yesterday. It may have been because of the lack of practice all this while that I failed to complete a decent drawing in one whole day, or it may be something else. Distraction, maybe? 

Eitherway, I did finish one artwork. But I ain't uploading it cause I currently do not have it with me. 

Am chillin' in the campus library. =P

Le minion is still sleeping as I type this. It's freaking 1.30pm. Well, serves him right for sleeping so late last night though. 

Seriously now, without much happening around me I have nothing decent to blog about either. So I'll just give a recap of interesting happenings these days.

Uh. I went out with minion for lunch and he brought me and some other friends to a pet shop and then to this snooker place (omg he plays quite well am so proud of you mah minion) and then back to the college where he stayed till around 4pm ++.

Hostel mates and some other course mates that went to the Desaru trip early in the morning arrived back at the campus around noon because of the rainy weather and basically there simply was nothing much to do there. Was happy to meet those humans though. I mean, yay. Other humans!

There's a huge book fair in KL commencing on the 6th of December right on till the 15th of December WHERE THE BOOK FAIR IS OPEN FOR 24 HOURS. I have saved my money for this and I shall treat myself to maybe 20 books or more. I do have more time to read now and I would at least be able to bring maybe 3 novels a month when I go to KL to study next year. 


Ah yes, it seems pretty certain now that I'll be studying there next year. The exam results for this course will be out by the 4th of December and by then I would have completed my studies here with no strings attached. It's the fees of the next college that concerns me though. I really am hoping that I would be able to get the scholarships and then study there without much monetary problems on my parents' behalf.

Monetary problems. Hopefully they can be solved by my working salary for the next few months in the designing company. :3 I'll be taking my driving license soon, and if I get a car, there would also be less problems in contacting le minion. 

Uh, really now. Until I have more interesting stuff to rant about (THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO NOW BUT I AIN'T BORED because I spend my days reading comics and drawing and 9gagging) I will not post much, I suppose. I think I'll post more soon, what with the days of being home creeping closer and closer.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. =P

Monday, November 11, 2013

Why am I even bored

Found this baby on 9gag <3
The days have started where I sit in front of the laptop slothing around wondering life's purpose as I stare at the loading screen of whatever game or comic I happen to be browsing through.

Most of the MUFY class students have long since gone back home, leaving only Jia Ying , Ryana and I wondering what to do next in the hostel. 

I shit you not even with a laptop and internet connection, which is what I have always wanted to have prior to the exams, I have nothing to do now. Well, nothing that interests me for long anyway. 

The day had gone by with 9gag, Tetris Battle, drawing and reading, just like what I said I would be doing in the previous post. 

To be honest I am still just looking at this gif. image at the left while I'm typing this because oh my god how can a puppy be so cute like oh. mi. gawd. just. Let me hug you mai dear. Like seriously. Let me hug you and pet you and play with you the whole day my dear puppy. 

I like big dogs. Those like golden retrievers and whatnot. Maybe a husky. Huskies are really pretty. 

And le Minion happens to have quite a number of dogs that I immediately fell for upon seeing them I can't wait to get a chance to play with them QmQ <3 <3 <3 Ah yes, put me around animals and I'll probably never get bored. Animals are nice companions to have at all times.

But back to the topic. Tomorrow Ryana and Jia Ying are going with several other friends to the Desaru Beach. It's a one day trip that my parents are not allowing me to go to. On the bright side, le Minion has agreed to come over and visit so that I won't be bored.

He's sho nice. *confetti and love icons all over the screen here* I have no idea why it feels as if I've had this relationship for a long time when in actual fact we have only been together for a week. I don't mind though. It doesn't quite affect this relationship to start with.

Uh yeah. So they are going to the trip. It's quite different without the coursemates around. On any normal days I'd go to the courtyard and see familiar faces there and then the fun would just begin. Now, however, there's not many familiar faces to be seen, and no one from my course aside from the two said girls are there (only from afternoon onwards because before that they would be sleeping).

There's only 4 days left before I leave the hostel and the college altogether though. There's a lot that I'll be missing. College is truly a fun experience and I actually love studying here. With supportive friends and lecturers, studying is not that much of a burden on normal days. (Well it's different when preparing for finals because it's the FINALS we're talking about but you get my point)

Meanwhile, I guess I'll just browse through mangafox to look for nice horror mangas. :3

See ya'll soon, my dear readers.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in Hostel!

I am the sloth.

I have returned to the hostel to pack my stuff and basically just lie around in the hostel the whole day wherever wifi is accessible.

Oh, the little joys of life.

I don't actually have much stuff that I actually use in the hostel aside from that few same sets of clothes, my laptop, phone charger, hair dryer and my books. The remaining stuff have mostly stayed in a lonely spot in the cupboard or the table.

11 bags and counting!

Not sure if my hostel mates are back yet, but I have done what I needed to (the packing) and I shall henceforth enjoy the unhealthy sloth life till the 15th of November.

Tetris Battle, Blogger, drawing, reading, SLEEPING, TALKING. WHATEVER.

In fact I don't feel like doing anything right now not even this blog because I'm procrastinating that much.

So yeah.

See you. Umm. Sorry for this super short post.

A Mum's Lecturing

My days in SYCJB is almost over, with the graduation ceremony on the 29th of November. I'll be going back to the hostel next morning, and start to pack up my stuff to go back home. There's not much to pack really, if you put aside my clothes and the books I have there.

And the electronic devices maybe.

I'll just friggin throw everything inside le bags
During these days aside from packing stuff I would also be going out with my friends for le meals and play games on my laptop and of course, blogging.

I am currently still preparing a very very long post for my coursemates, to each and every one of them. I am not even sure if I would actually finish it within this week, but hey, I might not procrastinate THAT much. I hope.

What else is there? Hmmm. My parents now know about me dating le minion as well, and my mum is not exactly happy about it. She's not happy about me dating anyone before I go to work around the age of 23 or so, whenever it is that I get to work.

So she said that I might meet better guys who are capable of supporting the future family I might have - one with MONEY, of course, and it's only sensible if I get into a relationship where a guy loves me. I wonder if this implies that I have to find a guy that loves me and has money. == I do not quite agree with her views though, she has not been out in the society, so to speak, for quite some time now, and what is it that she knows about the changing times? Nothing much, I'm sad to say. 

She said that relationships would still hinder me in some ways, more so when I have not completed my studies - There's a degree program coming soon, and he would only drag me down. I should be with those successful ones, she said. For a better future. I'll put this under the materialistic category. Success is not measured only by studies, and she still doesn't seem to understand that.

What I imagine will happen when I cook
She is overprotective of me, and because of this, I am hardly ever independent. Put me at a bus stop and ask me to go home. I will not know which bus to look for or what to ask. Put me in a place where I have to cook for myself to survive. Can I cook? Well, I can burn your kitchen for you if you like. My communication skills are not good and neither are my social skills because I was not allowed to go out and mix with people. Even if my studies are somewhat on a higher average level, what good would I be if I have no LIVING SKILLS? Times have changed, I told her again and again. Sadly, she does not comprehend.

Whether or not the relationship with minion - who loves me very much and shows it - will last long, I can at the very least think of this relationship in a positive way and earn some experience as well.

All I can say is, I know myself well enough, I know the danger lurking outside that comes with relationships. I know the risks, and I can take care of myself well enough by preventing those bad stuff from happening in the first place. I know when to say 'No', when to comply, and what to do when I'm in danger.

At the very least, ...

I don't know. But I have told you about the relationship, mum, and I no longer have to hide or lie to you about this. I'm glad about this one point, I can say. Maybe soon you'll see that this relationship is doing good for both le Minion and I.

I'm not as stupid as to kill myself when bad things happen to a relationship or to run away from home. Don't worry. =) You taught me to be mature, did you not? Just give me a little space now, and let me live my life with no regrets. 

Your lectures mean well for me, I realize that. But I hope that one day you will try to listen and understand me as well. 

Friday, November 08, 2013

1K blog views!


My first 1000 views right here yo nigga this feeling is so awesome I just can't

Oh I wish I have brought my drawing tablet back home, it's been so long since I last drew using it but during the rush back home I forgot to pack it, thinking that I would be back in hostel the day after anyway. Turns out I'm only returning on Sunday.

Which is kind of sad because these are my last few days to just relax and simple enjoy my time being cooped up in my room inducing cancer or some other diseases from sitting in front of the laptop for too many hours in a row.

I'll be working soon, some when after the 15th of November. It's a job at a mall near to my aunt's place, where I'll most probably be staying. I have yet to know what I'll be doing there, except that the job will be related to building design. Not quite what I'm looking for since I have zero experience and knowledge about this but hey, might as well earn some experience and who knows if I'll be interested in this field afterwards?? I can't wait~!!

Ah, the soreness in my legs are finally gone. It's been some time since I last walked so much in one day, you see. I woke up the next day after the trip feeling the tiredness still within me. And guess what le Minion did the day after getting home from Singapore? He cleaned and polished his car. And it took about 4 to 5 hours. Can you imagine that?? And that car of his happens to be a ... Hilux. That's what I think it's called. 

Before: This is around 3pm.
I don't think I have to worry about cars as long as I have this dude with me I mean with all that car talk I think he actually knows something. He said his brother works as a mechanics or something. Something you gotta do with cars. 

To spend several hours washing a car like that though, plus the fact that he sweats so much whenever heat is present... I can just conclude that he loves his car a lot. Well if I'm a guy I might love cars that way too but I have not been taught about this and neither did my father tell me much about cars. All he did tell me about cars is like, "So you put the keys in here and turn it and the engine will start".

After: About 7pm
That's just about it. No kidding. So all i know about a car so far is the ignition, the 'signal', the honking, the windows, the radio. and the steering. I don't even know which pedal is the brake and which is the umm... what's the name of the other one?


But for now I'll just have to rely on my dad and le Minion himself to drive me around aye? I don't mind that much about this :3 So it's said that driving is kind of tiring . I guess I won't know till then!

Ah either way, here's a thank you to mai nii-san Farid who's been my first blog reader and has been stalking this blog ever since. If not for you I may not have reached the 1K views today. Thanks for all the support and remember that as my bro you're always free to complain to me and whine and nyan all you like. I will not judge you. :3

Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill. Reviews, anyone?
Oh. And here's the book that I received for my birthday. The cover looks so cool and so does the synopsis and being a horror story I can only cross my fingers that the storyline is epic. 

Ah there's so many things I want to do right now. I can choose to keep blogging, to go on 9gag once more, to draw, to read or to just lay in bed the whole day like a sloth.

MY STUDIES ARE DONE WITH FOR NOW. Oh My Gaaawwwwd. I am still so excited over this. And I'm actually wondering if I should tell my mum about this boyfriend of mine. I would love to tell her about it so that I have no need to lie to her and all, but she tends to over-react so I'm a little worried. Well, I guess she'll find out when she finds out. For now I'll just be happy to get to see le minion again soon. <3

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Singapore Trip - Tired but Happy!

6th of November marks the end of my finals as I finish my last paper which is Biology. The realization of that fact struck me suddenly, several times, while I was in Singapore about 2 hours or so afterwards.

Yes, I went to Singapore after having my lunch, after the finals. With le minion, and another couple. Double-dating after being a couple for 3 days like a boss.

I'm still a little shocked by the fact that my mum agreed to let me go to Singapore with my friends and without any adult supervision.


So yeah.

Around 11a.m. we went for lunch (brunch?) and parked somewhere we know we're going to regret for before boarding a bus to the customs and then Singapore. 

We first went to Bugis Street and then Bugis Junction, where we fussed over the prices of clothes and food like

"Damn this is cheap I mean OMG $9 Buy this lah!"
"But if convert to RM currency - "
"Shhhh Don't convert. Don't. You will not be able to buy a thing if you do so."
"But -"

Zynn and I
Well it was more fun being in the mall later after all that walking around and sweating all over because of the heat. The Mall. THE MALL. AIR-COND.

Let's just say at that very mall le other girl Zynn and I found out how guys felt when we girls window-shop. The guys were musing over sports shoes and branded items that they can in no way afford, and after they are done with it,

they leave the shop.

and enter the next shop, musing over branded briefs.

Ah yes the two guys talked about cars a lot on the way too, so we two girls, maybe more to me cause I seriously do not know cars at all, are just sorta sitting there like, "So. There's hybrid cars.  Hybrid by biological definition is the result of mating between two species. I think. So a hybrid car..."

That's the relationship between me and cars.

:dope: Le minion and Zhi Xuan
Well uh, there's food involved of course. In fact, I bought some at the Bugis street as did the other three people. And we had McChicken meals for lunch (is it considered dinner by then??). Le minion insisted that the Coke in Singapore tasted better than it does in Malaysia. I have no idea then, since I for one rarely drink stuff like that. I'm more of a fan of coffee and plain water =P

Managed to take a few dopey pictures of le Minion and one of his brothers. He somehow did not notice, so he claims, that I took the picture at the left here.

Dope. So dopey.

Oh well. At least there's FOOD. Which is good enough. Minion eats a lot. (A very big pro instead of a con here because I don't usually finish my meals. As hungry as I claim I am, I don't eat a lot.)

Starting a new 'trend'? Pa pa zou (趴趴走)!
Anyway, by evening we planned to just visit Universal Studio Singapore and take a photo with that famous spinning globe-thing. After asking around, we decided to head there through a shopping mall. Vivo, I think.

We made a few wrong turns and thus walked extra miles before we finally reached something called... a boardwalk?? I think that's the word. A boardwalk leading to USS. Let's just say we were all grateful for the presence of le walkalators. Zynn and I basically just sat there waiting for the walkalator to bring us forward a few metres. By this time our legs were so sore and we were so tired from all the walking from place to place.

And as shown in the picture to the left here, it's the new trend we are possibly starting. There's this phrase called 趴趴走, which when directly translated might mean 'crouch-walking', that le Minion urged to try out and have a picture taken then shared with his other brothers.

As you can see, he did it after all.

One thing we noticed while walking there, well... Singapore malls and MRTs and the way to USS itself seems to be spots for couples. Along the way we have seen quite a number of couples just hugging, lying in each other's arms, and at one point, even kissing. There was a couple we saw kissing on an elevator in a freaking mall. So open. Such romance. Much public. Wow.

But yes, the scenery there is really breathtaking if you ask me. All the colourful lights and buildings across a stretch of water seen from afar, I won't mind just sitting at the floor there just looking at them and chatting and taking pictures and whatnot. But then, we had a destination to go to, and so we walked on.

The signboard that lined the walkway did a countdown from about 500 meters, and 500m by logic is really not that much of a distance, but maybe it's because we have been walking quite a lot before that that it seems really far for us (at least le girls from le 4 of us).

My favourite picture, this one. :3
No regrets upon reaching USS though. Although it was already night time and we needed extra light to take picture ("No flashlight from phones", the guys said. "It's better to have someone shine the light on us and have the picture taken like that instead. It's nicer", they said), it was awesome to finally have a picture of us taken where so many of my friends have went before.

If I'm not mistaken, only one among our group had actually went in USS to play before. In fact, for all of us it was the first time that we got to go to Singapore with a bunch of friends for a whole day like this, so this trip itself was pretty special.

Then we were told by someone working there that there would be a 'performance' thing by le robotic cranes. This said thing is on the stretch of water mentioned beforehand, and one of us, Zhi Xuan, managed to record the whole performance. It was beautiful, and none of us had seen anything like it before. With the water acting as wings for the cranes and the colours of the cranes changing PLUS the storyline depicted in the crane dance, the whole performance was a very big WOW with full capital letters.
Blue and pink~!!

I am not sure as to if Zhi Xuan would be uploading the video anytime soon, but here's a photo that the minion took for this performance. This got to be one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole performance as the 'cranes' spread their water wings and appear to be flapping them. Oh the colours and all that water it makes me wonder how technology works. The scientific explanation. The mechanics. SO AWESOME. I mean, they even have waterproof screens as their 'bodies', those cranes. HOW. Either way, hereby attached is a video of the performance uploaded by other youtube users.

You can also choose to google "Universal Studio Sungapore Crane Dance" for better quality videos.

After the performance we decided that it's high time we head home. By then, it was already about 9.30pm. To be out that late, let's just say I'm puzzled my mum did not call to ask me when would I be home.

But well, we were also worried that we would not be able to catch the last bus home. So it's said that the last bus would depart around midnight but it's safer to board the 11pm bus. Thank God however that there's a free ride from USs back to the Vivo mall where we were able to board the MRT down several stations before we boarded a bus back to the custom and to Johor, Malaysia. Boy, by then I was already so exhausted that I fell asleep STANDING in the MRT and when I walked down from the bus my legs gave away and I would have fallen had Minion not caught me.
Damn, that sounds so much like something from a very cliche mushy movie. But that's what that happened though.

So. By the time we reached the parking lot where le car was parked earlier, it was already midnight. As we had traveled from one end of Singapore to another, it took quite a while for us to reach Woodlands, where we first started. Not much left to write about hereafter, except that Minion fetched me home and I saw his mum when we stopped at his house (HE HAS DOGZ OHMAIGAWD <3 ) and there's 17 missed calls on my phone because my phone somehow had no service once I entered Singapore.

No worries, I informed my parents about the network error and they knew. My dad was waiting for me at the hostel to fetch me home as it's kind of late - I can actually stay at the hostel still, I wonder what compelled him to come over. Only around 1am did I reach home.

From 11am to 1am, you can say that we are all exhausted. Even the guys who initially boasted about how they aren't tired even when us girls are starting to complain about sore legs were exhausted. 

My thoughts on this whole trip?

What a double date. What a date. What a trip. I don't think I'll be this exhausted for a trip in quite a while now. Yes, the trip was really tiring but the fun we had can never be explained in words alone. 

To the minion reading this, hopefully I have depicted the date well enough in words and I love ya, you idiot. :3 Thanks for all the hugs~!! 

Monday, November 04, 2013

18th Birthday and In a Relationship

So yes, people celebrated my birthday, which is great although they celebrated it in advance. Let's just say that my birthday was celebrated on the 31st of October, then the 2nd of November and finally today, 3rd of November, my actual birth date which enables me to go to without my parents' permission. IT'S A BIG DEAL.

I would hereby like to thank my friends who celebrated my birthday for me. The starters, on Halloween's Day. Was totally shocked yo peepo. I was just sitting there trying to absorb all the chemistry details I can when suddenly

A. Cake.

and the happy birthday song begins and I was just sitting there not sure what was I to do while people sing me le birthday song.

Then the creaming begins as my hostel mates held whipped cream in their hands and smudged it all over my face. 

I shit you not, the cream went into one of my eye and I had to keep blinking to get it out. BUT WHAT'S FUN IS STILL FUN. And I shall not attach photos of me after being creamed because that looks kind of wrong (IYKWIM).

And then with the remaining cream the guys did some arm-wrestling and the loser gets one mouthful of the cream. AND HE HAS TO SWALLOW IT ALL. It tastes of milk, yes, but you know, it's kind of disgusting nevertheless. I got to wrestle with Jia Ying and pathetically lost to her as well. But no cream involved. That was part o the agreement before we agreed to wrestle. And well, I also got a birthday card AND a cat plush doll. Which is kind of epic too. I named it 'Pussy' for the heck of it and what with the group of friends I have that are dirty-minded, phrases like "Let's play with the Pussy" becomes real fun.
Jia Ying, le "Pussy" and I
So yes, that was the first day.

Second day, we went for the movie 'Insidious 2' and a book for my birthday present. We went to a nearby shopping center around noon. Previously in le morning let's just say I was watching le guys get stinky playing basketball.

Then yeah, we went there and I got to meet MY BEST FRIEND who shifted to another college early this year. 

Getting to meet her was real nice of course xDD

For you people who are here to get feeds about my relationship, he tried to hold me hand when he was driving me to the mall and I panicked and thus slapped at his hand. Cavan's his name. He's that minion I talked about in my earlier blog posts. 

That's me, Chloe and her sister and Ryan.
Uh... yeah. Things just happen.

And Chloe, le said best friend who happened to sit next to me in the cinema, saw us holding hands in the cinema. Let's not go all mushy about this. Instead, let's focus on the point where he was shocked pretty often while watching the movie and I was meanwhile just calm and laughing every once in a while. Trust me, when you hold someone's hand you can feel it when the said person is shocked. He friggin jumped.

And and and after the movie they bought me a novel because I love reading and it's title is Apartment 16, a horror novel. I left it at home because I won't be reading it so soon. Not because I don't want to read it, but because I'm currently reading another book. xD and actually if not mistaken le Minion chose to pay for the novel. Like, all RM45 of it. Dumbfuck. ==

Ah yes, so that was the second day. Le minion and I were discreet after the movie. No hand-holding or photos or anything because even Chloe who had just met me after a few months of not meeting had whisper-asked me before the movie began in the cinema like, "Umm... Are you and Cavan a couple now?" Ah yes I was bewildered at her question because OMG IS IT THAT OBVIOUS

That's the briefest summary I can make about 2nd November.

And of course, today. I went back home after the celebration yesterday and celebrated my REAL birthday with my family. I received a call from le Minion at midnight and he sang me le birthday song and also a hilarious picture that may blind the readers' eyes (so I ain't attaching it yo). And Chloe. Oh Chloe mai bayybee, she sent me a powerpoint slide that touched me deeply. It was filled with photos of us and things we did and oooohhhhh she said we'd be best friends till the very end. I love you, Chloe. =P

Then yeah. Another close bro of mine, Farid, called as well and wished me a happy birthday while he was on a bus on a journey home (or is it back to le hostel I cannot remember). And my best friend from Melaka sent me a text that she asked me to post here for some publicity so here it is, a message from my bestie that I call Clarissa or Bunny. or Chipmunk.

"Omg!!! I can't believe it's already passed midnight! Not yet basi right?? Ok, I'm gonna deliver it to you fresh  fresh... *cooking*~~*smelling and tasting*~~*smiling to myself for no apparent reason*~~*packing*~~*placing into rocket*~~*testing dramatic NASA rocket launching voice*~~*getting ready to launch*~~*launch beings in 5...4...3...2...1!!!!


Oops!! It exploded 0.o guess I pasang wrong wire.. hehe.. sooooooooo... this is getting awkward and embarrassing... I guess just a wish and a hug would suffice???

Hapy Birthday to Turtle-chan!!! May all ur "things I wanna do when I'm officially 18th checklist starts officially secara halal~~!! Good luck!!! And enjoy!! *hug*"

so yeah. that'z it. That's le message you sent me, bunny. I hope you're happy about the publicity and I did not break mai promise =P

Dokeii dokeii, Because I shared this link I think most people are tryna find their answers to their specific questions here. I shall answer all le questions with 3 words: "I don't know". so yes, don't ask about le relationship cause I have no idea how, when, where, why it started. The answer is simply "I don't know". Refer to the dialogue below if you want to kepoh. 

"him: Hhaha
So well if someone ask if are we together
What shall be the answer
The truth?
me:depends on if we're going to be an item or not lor~ xD
him: Your choice is??
me: idk, we seems to be getting closer, are we not?
him: Yes of course it is(:
me:xD then let's just have the answer be 'yes'
him: Erm... Hehe xD
Can i be more greedy and have a more detailed answer??
me: a more detailed answer~??? What would you mean by that~?
Making the 'yes' answer to be longer??
me: Hmmm, okay~!!
Yes, we are together and i think he's mai bf now? xD
him: Yesh!!
Tatoru yuki is mai gf now!!!
me: xD Seriously?!!
him: Of course its serious!!!
Yay xD

The End

One thing though, you know what my sister's first reaction is when she knew about this?

"Walao why so dumb couple the next day la then can get presents two days in a row" For anniversary and birthday, apparently.

I think my sister may be a little materialistic.

Let's just say I'm crossing my fingers that I did not make a wrong choice in this one and hopefully well, this would at least END WELL if it ever ends to start with. not like that crap I had earlier on two years ago.

*crosses fingers* I need all the luck I can! He's a Libra and I'm a Scorpio and these horoscopes ain't all that matching but hey if PewDiePie and his girlfriend CutiePieMarzia can make it (They are also Libra and Scorpio respectively) I hope we can too.

The Unlikely Couple
Back then we were preparing for the Maths paper
Nope. Other than the point that we are both humans, we have yet to find a point of similarity between us.

So yeah, fingers crossed, baybeh! Mentally also wondering if I should go to college tomorrow because for sure I'm gonna be made fun of or something. But then tomorrow's the last schooling day that I'll get to meet him because it's his last paper. 

We might meet next year if we both go to KL to study, but when and where, that would still be uncertain. But oh I'm really not the romance type of girl no I really am not and I probably will never be but OMG what if I need to be romantic in a relationship I hope I won't omg 

Well uh, I guess I'll update this blog about the relationship when it actually BEGINS or something, I guess. IDK bruh IDK 

Seriously. You guys stop poking your nose around in this and just wish for the best for us k?

Dayum I'm still paranoid and worried about this am I thinking too much omg

Ending this on a happier note, well uh, I ain't single anymore if that's a good news? and and and he seems to be nice? Umm yeah. *Feels the awkward to the max and hides back into my shell* What is this suddenness I ain't single anymore OMG