Saturday, March 29, 2014


All le horoscopes stuff I used to be addicted to, I swear. Although I still haven't memorized all the dates with their corresponding signs, I was interested in zodiac and horoscope signs to the point where I'd use the daily horoscope stats as my guide to live through the day whenever it's relevant.

Most of the pages and websites I went through shows just about the same thing for my sign though. It's Scorpio, by the way.

How scorpio girls are portrayed? xDD
Hates betrayal, loyal, obsessive, observant, independent, mood-swing queen, emotional, passionate.

Won't trust people easily but once he/she trusts someone, he/she will go all out for that trusted person. Most misunderstood sign compared to other horoscopes.

Stuff like that.

At some point when I was in my past relationship I would look up information like, Libra guy and Scorpio girl compatibility and read up on all the facts about Libra guys as well so to understand my guy better.

Libra guys. Said to have le high-class attitude - classical music, high fashion sense etc etc, very sociable, romantic, charming, unreliable, super lazy, likes peace and harmony.

Didn't quite apply to my ex, most of these traits. More accurate for le minion at times. Not all traits mentioned above, but MOST traits and I won't say which. *coughs*

But really. Can these information be trusted? Is there really any relationship between birth dates and certain characteristics or behaviours? Hmmm. I wonder.

I guess stuff like this, it's best we leave it as something to browse through during out free time and not believe it too much. Take it in in adequate amounts.

It's alright to take precautions when the horoscope stuff is out on the newspaper or some other media telling you to be careful but just don't be too obedient to all these signs! xD

Have you checked out what your horoscope sign says about you? Is it accurate?? 

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Daily Prompt: What activity, task or game most brings out your competitive streak?

... Guys. I follow the Asian stereotype when it comes to competitiveness. I'm kinda 'kiasu' - scared to lose in most activities especially when it's related to my studies since I'm still considered a student here.

Early in the beginning of semesters I would start to study in advance and make sure I study everything that is taught and maybe more before the assignments start to pile up like how they always do a few weeks into that new semester.

From the very beginning, I would already have targeted a high score or at least being one of the top students.

I partly blame this on my parents, especially my mum, who used to chide me, "If you don't study and get good results you will become one of those janitors you see around here. Earn no money. You want ah?" ever since I was a small kid.

Plus, I know myself well enough to know that the competitive spirit would fade away quite some in a while, giving space to procrastination, the internet - my piece of heaven, and lots of distractions.

Yet there is a weird side to my competitiveness.

I would want those friends I'm close with to succeed with me as well. Never mind those that I'm not close with lar, but the ones that I spend my time with during my studies, I feel the urge or even NEED to help them however I can to see them at the top if I do reach there. 

Hence usually by the time the first mid-term exam appears you would see me with my friends doing group studies or discussions. Information shared is information gained. 

What little I can give them (Only when I'm 100% certain that I have completely understood the lesson), I myself receive some new info as well. Give and take. 

It's a bit like being competitive for your best friends and yourself, wanting to stay together and not leave anyone behind by the end of the journey. Being successful - no matter how much or in what ways - is no fun if you're doing it alone. You want to see your loved ones being successful as well, and that's why when we are able to, we would help. Isn't that how it works?

Ah, but I left someone behind in my most recent journey. He didn't make it and had to retake a semester. I still hope for the best for him. Maybe in my next journey I will be able to bring a new bunch of friends with me. Or maybe it'll be a little different, with me joining someone else's journey instead of leading my own.

Eitherway, I believe that this competitive spirit in me is more healthy than not, and healthy competition is always welcome in the society, is it not?


Meanwhile, a small celebration to the 4K reads for my blog. Thank you, readers, who supported and still viewed my blog even when I have been inactive for a few days. I have done most of the translation tasks given to me and passed my undang test and is due to drive for the first time ever on the 31st. =) Wish me luck for this!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bedtime Stories

Daily Prompt: What was your favourite bedtime story as a child? Did it influence the type of person you are now?

I myself was one of those girlish girls back when I was a child, playing with barbie dolls and pollies and whatnot.

My favourite bedtime stories were all fairytales! 

Not that I had a bedtime storytelling thing in my family. Once in a while my mum would ask me to bring her a book so that she could read it to me while I was still learning my alphabets.

There's this book (picture at left) that I loved quite some as a child, partly because of its beautiful pictures and dresses and partly because of the happy ending. 

Cinderella was probably one of the fairy tales that I watched and read the most as a child. Back then my parents bought me a VCD for this cartoon and I watched it endlessly, as I did with Peter Pan and Pinocchio afterwards. Then Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Snow White.

Basically, yes, I was a big fan of fairy tales.

When my sister was old enough, she joined me in rewatching and rereading the fairy tales.

How can I not like seeing such an ending as a widdle gurl OmO
A few years later, my bedtime stories became le Enid Blyton series, and now, thriller, horror, mystery and occasionally romance novels accompany me before I go to sleep.

But no. Having those fairytales did not make me a romantic-minded person. Nor did it make me want to be a pretty girl getting whisked off my feet to be married off to a prince in some faraway land.

It made me happy to read these fairy tales, and that's about it. Just like how playing video games doesn't make us violent (lag does), no bedtime stories affected my mindset.

Although for a short time I kept looking for fairies of goblins hiding in my garden and talked to my dolls in hopes that they would talk to me and accompany because of le Enid Blyton series, well I still grew up to be quite a normal person, x)

Friday, March 21, 2014


Daily Prompt: Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no,why have you opted not to?

The 'animals' in my life are all humans, considering humanity as a disease to earth and me myself as one of its vermin. But if you are talking about ANIMAL animal, I have tiny guppy-like fishes in a quite-big glass bowl outside my house. 

There's about 40 of them the last time I counted. They breed quite some, considering the fact that I only had like a maximum of 10 of them in the beginning. 

It's nice to go out of le house once in a while and just look at the fishes swim about in a big circle.

Sorta soothes le mind, actually.

Plus side is that you feel like some sort of higher power knowing that while le fishes go about their fishy business swimming around in that glass bowl the whole day you can just choose to be le presence that drops them food 'from the sky'.

I saw a post about that from The Best of Tumble page, I think, and I took an affinity to this way of thinking.

To be honest I still am wondering if I have been taking good care of these fishes though, considering that they don't even have a proper aquarium to live in. No bubble-gas thing no lightning - ALL NATURAL - and no temperature regulator.

Just a glass bowl, water, some seashells and some fish food and the fishes themselves. Yet they survived so far. 

Dear fishes I'm proud of you guys. You have been strong. Stay strong.

I don't actually talk to my fishes. I don't know WHICH fish in particular to talk to or was I supposed to talk to them as a unit? Or should I not talk to them at all because my neighbours can hear me easily?? 

Oh God who would be taking care of you guys after I go elsewhere for my studies??

Being le sole owner of these fishes means that I am the only one that knows how to change the water in le glass bowl without hurting le tiny fishes, when to change le water, how often to feed them and such and such.

At most, my siblings might feed the fishes some when they get home from school, but that's about it. x) I like most animals. 

I might not know how to take care of them yet, but I would inquire more info about the how-to's once I am allowed to have more animals of my own. And when I'm allowed to get them, oh. I would get a dog first. Adopt one from the SPCA. Those poor little guys. D: Would like to take care of them for the remaining life they have before they leave us humans. 

Cats are okay, as long as they don't scratch us. =P I play around with kittens I see in college sometimes, and usually the kittens end up tickling me quite some as then 'walk' across mai legs. It's either that or they hurt me a little by biting me. Meow. 

I still love them nonetheless. 8)

They are better companions than humans sometimes. You take care of them well and it's all just simple and pure love from them. 

What better feeling than to arrive back home and see your pet happy to see you? That doesn't happen much among humans. x)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Designer

Dress 1, no specific theme I remember
Yes, I have been busy. I wouldn't have neglected my blog otherwise. But the tasks are coming to an end soon, and I hope that there would be less assignments.

But it's night time and I decided to not give a damn about those assignments just for these 30 minutes, should be enough time to finish a short blog post which I decided to dedicate to yet another Facebook game of mine today.

There's this girlish side of me that finds it fun to 'design' dresses and blouses.

Then there's this game 'Fashion Designer' which I know is available on Facebook so far. It might be available on some other websites but hey I ain't that hardworking to find out.

Basically in this game they ask you to fulfill some specifications when designing your garment. It might be something like "Include asymmetrical details" or "Use the classic colour palette only" or even something like, "Make it a dress with short sleeves".
pink and white yess xD

You start off with basic details - diamonds, simple lines, etc and a 3D detail. Some others, maybe. I've forgotten.

With each garment you complete as a mission you get some money (In-game, of course), some experience points which helps you unlock new dress kits, colour palettes and new details to be used for your designs and this scissors thing which I still have no idea what it's used for. Accumulated up to 380+ so far.

Details: Stuff that goes on le garment. Patterns.Can be 2D (just prints) or 3D (add all le fluff and ruffles etc).

Dress kits: Dress forms. From le most basic dress design you can then buy more complex dress forms like evening gowns, tomboy garments etc etc. They all look different and from each kit you may be able to choose from a selection of sleeves, tops and bottoms.

They wanted a pocket detail. Pockets work
better on blouses, so I chose le blouse kit.
Colour palettes: Do I need to elaborate? You just get to have more choices of colours for your garment and details!

Something that sucks though, you can't keep the designs for a long term unless you save it as a 'look' which you start out with having 2 slots for. The other slots you have to buy with real money and whatnot.

Which is why I resorted to snapping pictures of my designs before submitting them EHEHEHE

I lost all my old designs already. All those that you see here are the ones that are more recent.

I don't know what's wrong with Blogger cause all le photos I uploaded, the white colour looks very grey-ish. Hmm.

 Either way, this game is actually more acceptable compared to some other Facebook games.

Go try it out some time x)
I think this was using the Doll dress kit.
'Classic colour palette" mission.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Comfort Zone

Daily Prompt: "What are you more comfortable with - routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?"

This really depends on what issues we are talking about. It's good to be planning on stuff related to our futures - studies, jobs, money management - but if it's just some daily stuff like going out with friends, shopping, meals, et cetera, bring me le spontaneity.

Most of the time I find myself making a plan and then forgets to stick to it anyway. Maybe I;d go out with a bunch of friends and then plan to go for a movie, then a lunch, and then go window-shopping and I end up just window-shopping and having dinner with them afterwards.

I don't really like having plans when going out D: Just drive somewhere and if there's a mall Imma go hang out there. 

Well that's the plan.(؟)

The thing is, I don't really like making decisions when I go places. Don't ask me where to go or where we wanna eat or something like that. I can do with most places.

But when it's time for planning, I probably still would have left a lot of 'plotholes' in the plans. I might have planned places to go without knowing where the place is or how long it would take to go there, some extravagant ideas about my future but not the how-to's or motivations, so on and so forth.

I don't plan well. 

So you know, I probably should stick to this spontaneous thing. Maybe just dump this artistic dream as a part-time thing and go be a neuropsychologist. 

But hold on I'm not sure about this one. =P

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things I Do

So,  back to the stay-at-home routine and procrastinating my ass off more and more.

I have this undang test on the 16th, and I have said that I will work on it since 3 days ago but have yet to do anything or study for it. WELL IMMA STUDY AT LEAST 5 PAGES TODAY. ... Tonight.

Meanwhile, dad managed to get me a translating job. A short term one, but a job and has money rolling in for me nonetheless. All I have to do is to translate the Chinese information to English ones - names, addresses, schools, companies and job titles - stuff like that and then transfer the information to an Excel or Words document.

I have never judged handwriting much until this day when I have to face tons of not-so-neat Chinese handwriting. It's already tough enough a language without all the messy writings. 

Then, procrastination.

4 windows. 

Manga Studio 5.0, Facebook, Virtual Families 2 and Love Plus.

Everytime I Google for an artsy picture to add to my blog, I die a little inside
And would you just look at what other people can do with this Manga Studio program while I try to draw a circle without messing it up.

I like this software. It's simple and easy to use and all you need is just... skills to draw. Which I'm desperately trying to improve. There's quite a lot of preset tones, gradiations, patterns, backgrounds etc etc that are ready to be used. 

With le tablet of mine always placed next to the laptop, it's easy to get distracted and just start drawing in the middle of an assignment xD

Then there's le stupid games I play.

I don't know what it is with Simulation and real-time based games but those are basically the only type of games I play ... other than horror RPG and random flash games sometimes.

This Virtual Families 2 game... you basically well, take care of fake humans in your laptop and raise them until they go for their studies and wait until they are old enough to take over this huge mansion of a house. But this game is really slow-paced compared to other similar games I've played before.

Might as well though, I usually just leave the window open for the whole day and check once in a while. I manage to get some work done =P

Love Plus. A dating-sim game that reminds us of how technology has advanced. I mean, now with an emulator or NDS you have a virtual girlfriend in real-time mode that will love you and talk to you and whatnot. Would you just imagine that?!! 

Yeah, this is the game in which a guy or two have gotten married to. Literally. They fell so deep into the forever-alone chasm and virtual world that they decided to get married to their virtual girlfriend.

I downloaded it on an emulator last night and played it. Not bad, really. In fact, it's quite fun and a little challenging. I couldn't choose between the three girls and ended up not getting anyone by the end of the 100 days in this game. xD Going to retry the game from beginning after my translating job is done with!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mai Momma

I've decided to write about my mum today - because: Why Not.

Ahaha her reactions when I suddenly ran to her with my
laptop asking her to take a photo with me right then xD
"Huh? Take photo? With me? Why so sudden?? Eh wait
my shirt crumpled. My hair messy. Wait wait wait."
*snaps* Ta-daa.
First of all. Childhoods.

She was kinda stern when dealing with childhoods. I remember her buying lots of revision books and exercise books from bookstores and photocopying them. This started from my kindergarten years.

I think my parents were still a little busy with their work while I was in le kindergarten.

They would leave me under the care of 'Teacher Jo' - le head of le kindergarten for maybe two or three hours after classes and make sure that I complete my homework within those hours before I get home.

Most days she will hand me a photocopied chapter or unit from the exercise books to complete and upon completing them, and marking the answers myself, I have my free time.

She checks my homework when I get back home from school. Bad handwriting would not be tolerated. She would erase them and make me rewrite them in front of her. Sometimes, when I finish the extra homework she gives me, I would be rewarded with little gifts. Maybe a pack of gum, a new doll, a Disney VCD, or just an hour for me to learn to type on the computer.

But those were le studies. She built this discipline in me when it comes to studying.

As I grew up and the number of siblings increase from just me alone to adding a younger sister and a younger brother, she focused more on them so that they will have their basics covered just as good.

Yet my little brother here is harder to handle than my sister and I. He's less willing to do the worksheets and all. D:

By then more I more or less don't need as much attention from her anymore, I was able to study on my own.

She helped organize my 12th birthday party, inviting my whole class and also some friends of my sister's, my neighbours and some friends from other places. That was really epic. xD Thanks mum. x)

Over le years, everytime I get the first place or 100 marks in exams, she would bring me to the bookstore and I get a book as a gift. In primary school, it was the Enid Blyton series, and sometimes Mr. Midnight series. Entering secondary school, I bought True Singapore Ghost Stories. Afterwards it was usually meals as rewards for the good results in examinations.

But by then, I have long since left the first place in class or batch. My results weren't as good, I'd still be in the top 10 or 15, but the competition was stronger. Less rewards. >m< But I really tried~!!

She was proud of me for my achievements without ever having to attend tuition classes and would tell that to her relatives when they ask about my study methods.

At least I made you proud at some point of my life, didn't I, mum? x)

Dad, Mum and Lil' Bruh at Singapore
Later stages of my secondary school life? Ah at this point. My rebellious times XDD

I got into a relationship and I hid all information about it from my mum. She suspected at some point, because whenever I go back to my hometown she would see me hanging out with a guy but she never mentioned it until I was in college, telling me, "You think that time you got boyfriend I didn't know? A mother knows, okay? Why hide from me lah? Hurt me leii."

Hmmm. Mothers.

When I moved in to le hostel at Sunway College, dad told me that mum was crying while packing my stuff for me. I'm le eldest daughter, she probably felt sad because heck, one of her daughters are growing up and leaving home soon. x( 

But hey, I go back once a week and after some time it's all normal already. She calls me at least once or twice a day while I'm at college, asking if I've eaten, if I have been taking care of myself. 

Then this time when I got myself another boyfriend I got all out and just told her so that she knows without having to find out herself. She's pretty supportive, although I don't actually tell her much about us.

However, she DID ask to see his photos. When I go to college nowadays and come back home later she would ask me if I've seen him, if I have taken any photos of him. "Why so early got bf lah? Don't go out just two of you k, not very safe." I'll then tell her, "LOL. I already got bf lor. Just happens. xD But nope. We rarely go out two people so don't worry."

"Now just see if you two can last or not la k? Don't put too much emotions, later you get hurt."

From left: Mum's 3rd sis, eldest sis and le mum herself
As much as she disapproves of me having a boyfriend from time to time, she has now just about accepted the fact and she started to approve of him already. x) Point is. I don't have to hide any activities about my relationship from her now, and that makes it feel a lot better because I don't have to lie to her.

My mum cares about me a lot, and she really deserves to be treated better by us little rascals running around the house here.

She's been a little overprotective, often choosing to ask me to study instead of helping her out in cooking or house chores. I didn't actually start sweeping, mopping or cooking until I was in my secondary school years.

D'aww she so cute xDDD
She loves watching Korean dramas. She cooks well, and I'm still learning from her for this.

We share clothes, although her taste is usually different from mine - generation gap or something. 

She would pause her Korean drama halfway, walk to the kitchen, then ask me, "I'm making coffee. You want some?"

She's le type of mum that would take a sip of le overpriced Starbucks coffee I buy once in a blue moon and say, "Buy me some coffee powder, vanilla ice cream and maybe some chocolate chips. I can make the same thing for you for FREE."

This mum of mine will blend green apples, read apples, oranges and carrots all at one go and give us cups of super fresh and super juicy fruit juice, telling us, "A cup of this fruit juice might sell for Rm10.00 over with so much fruit in it." (True in Malaysia xD)

When she goes on a shopping trip, there's no stopping her from entering outlets selling shoes and clothes on discount and my siblings and I would either find a seat to wait for her or walk around the mall without le mum, entertaining ourselves with shops selling things of our interest.

Does she even look 40 XDD
She's where I got my paranoid feels and sharp tongue from, but she's still one hella fine mum and although I have long since told her that I love her like how I used to back in primary school, I really do x)

While I was typing this earlier, she walked by and saw her pictures and was like, "What are you posting. Why is my picture inside? Bad-mouthing me in public ah?"

Then she proceeded to try read and understand what I wrote (Her English is not that good) while I helped her cook in the kitchen. xD

Naw mum. I won't say bad stuff about you =P Love ya. x) <3

Sunday, March 09, 2014


Hi This Is Turtle.

So I just rummaged through the photos in my laptop. Looking through the camera roll, I see quite aplenty of photos with friends when they came to visit me at my place, and then there were selfies for posting on Facebook, and then there's le photos that can just ruin my image.

*points upwards*

Those pictures. And more. But those should send le message well enough. 

Okeii. So it's kinda hard for me to take nice pictures or finish singing one whole song singing nicely.

But hey, that's just who I am. xD I enjoy being like this even though I get the 'tsk-tsk's of disapproval from my parents saying, "You're 19. Start acting like your age."

I would never fail to reply with, "I AM YOUUNNNGGG INSIDE."
The Better Photos. xDD
I sometimes really wonder if there would be anyone special that would accept me for who I am because for sure I am not the type of girl that uh... is a girl. I'm not quite girlish and all that. The two special people that entered my life started out saying that they like me, the weird me. 

And end up asking me to change. Be more girlish, be more romantic, be something not me. Well I guess one can't be themselves completely in a relationship xDD

It's probably just the 'grass greener on other side' issue. Or maybe just le 'getting real tired of your shit, bruh' issue. 

Either way. I'm still hoping that I will find someone that really accepts me for who I am.

Le fugly, potato-ish, not girlish, shy, publicity-loving, stalker-ish, obsessive girl with a teenage mind. 

Nah. Being 19, immature and in a relationship probably really isn't the best idea. But well. Since I'm already in one I should commit until it ends or even better just don't end at all. 

How 'Normal' are you? Do people around you accept you for who you are? My friends accept me for who I am. =) But hey, to you readers. You friends of mine. If you don't like my behaviour just go all out and tell me.

Who knows, I might change for you guys. =P

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Is Boredom a Fatal Disease?

2 days without posting. Such procrastinate.

I have been a little busy lately, if having some sort of wanderlust. Wanting to go out and all about. Bring some cash with me and just board a bus somewhere.

Travelling alone like this sounds nice, but not as safe. Maybe drag a few friends or even le busy minion along, and hey, just have fun for several days.

I never really liked going to far places, yet sometimes the idea of travelling excites me. Maybe it's just the idea of going to places with friends.

Or maybe, I just want to have a real valid excuse to have a life instead of sitting in front of my laptop all day avoiding my responsibilities, running away from reality and jumping to conclusions - my only three exercises.

Welcome to my life. 8)

Either way, I really do have stuff to do lately and might not be able to post good stuff for the next few days. Preparing for exams, helping my dad with his assignments and whatnot. Plus, getting up at 1p.m. makes the day seem kinda short. No alarms. I refuse to set my alarm and not wake up naturally but heck, I have been sleeping so much lately that I don't feel tired until maybe 3 a.m. 

It's funny how my parents force me to go to bed around 11p.m. or 12a.m. and I have to stay in bed wasting my time knowing that I won't fall asleep until maybe an hour or two later when I could have been awake at my desk studying or reading a novel or maybe even gaming if I feel like it. 

It REALLY is a waste of time to be lying in bed and doing nothing. I must find a way to convince my parents that I need to do stuff while I have yet to fall asleep. Might as well get some drawings done at the peak hours of my imagination.

Bored, yes. With all my favourite humans away at work or studying and me getting more fatty flaps in front of the laptop each and every day, there really isn't many people that I can ask out. Then there's the distance. Although we live in the same state the distance makes it hard for us to hang out often.

My university degree? Class is not starting until September, and I don't even know if I am going to be accepted into that university or not before July. Which is like, 4 months away.

Oh god I need to get away from my laptop and get things done. Get a job. Get my driving license. ... Yeah. I definitely need to go do what I have to.

Blog daily. How much longer can I procrastinate all this? Heck I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Anyway, adios. Imma go get some sheet done. 

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Irrational Fears

Remember when you were a kid and you feared something illogical? Sharks in a swimming pool, maybe? Might you have one of those irrational fears still with you at your current age?

Le Turtle here remembers her irrational fears from childhood still.

One of le most vivid ones is probably the glowing green face at the curtain. The curtain itself is a dark pink colour, and back then I was probably only 5 or 6 years old still because I was still sleeping in my parents' room. One night I just made this weird green creature up and I'd hide under my blanket and turn my back to that huge window just so that I won't see that thing.

Yet turning my back to it would mean that this stupid green thing can attack me without me knowing it. At this point I remember scrambling to my parent's bed instead without telling them about that green face I feared about.

Up to this day I still wonder why I made up that green face in the curtain though.

Then there's this one familiar one. Switching off the lights and RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE TO YOUR BED OR UPSTAIRS OR WHEREVER YOUR DESTINATION IS.

As if once you got away from the dark areas the imaginary monsters will not be able to get you anymore.

But still. Turns out that I have always ran fast enough so that the monster never once caught me. =P Sometimes I still do this for the heck of it.

One of le more recent irrational fears I have is that everything I know is a lie. What if what we see and know our whole lives are just large fragments of our imaginations and we are really all along after all? What if we are actually so delusional we imagined our whole life?

Woah, what if we are actually just alone in a barren land, our brain showing us images and sounds and scents and everything else to protect us from the mental blow we might receive upon seeing the truth?
Then I used to imagine that somewhere out there my future husband knows everything I'm doing. He would know every embarrassing thing I once did, and what I'm guilty for and

He would even know all about the unforgivable porn I watch.

How bad will I be judged when he knows everything about me like that, I wonder?

But then, this is just another irrational fear. 

Irrational fears can be funny sometimes once you get over it. Snakes in the toilet, spiders dropping onto you when you are asleep, being naked when a tornado strikes, etc etc.

Tell me about yours, won't you? =P Blog about it, maybe?

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Things I Wanted to Learn

Topping the list:


I have never been good at using water colour or even poster colours. I can colour just about fine using colour pencils or crayons, but if I have to mix the colours with water, then boom you can see me destroying a piece of artwork at a terrifying speed of 20 pieces per hour.

I have always marveled at paintings I see wherever I go. I'm no art critic, some paintings I really can't make sense of; but then there are paintings as shown on the left here and I just appreciate it to no end because, simply, Wow.

I don't have le nice paintbrushes at home. Those we have are kinda worn out, used for art projects in secondary school. I don't even have water colour, apparently. But given a chance to, yes, I will learn.


This is weird because I have actually always seen dancing as a weird combination of actions involving the movement of limbs and to this day I still don't see much points in dancing at all. 

But then hiphop and breakdance have always intrigued me, as does popping. Make those moves to dubstep music and poof. You got all my attention.

Yet I'm really sucker when it comes to dancing. All that I really do to call 'dancing' is just flapping my arms about, jump around and maybe do that hips thing. That's all. I have zero skills when it comes to dancing. xD But it looks sorta fun so why not??

Um. Singing??

Now if my voice is not all weird sounding as if I have braces on - I don't - I would have sung my lungs out everyday. I like singing. But after staying home for quite some time I find it hard to try sing like a normal human or at least attempt to mimic the singer.

Instead, usually halfway through the song I would catch myself singing in an awkward or deep tone intended to be funny. 

I can never be serious when I sing *facepalm* I don't even think that learning to sing is necessary. It's something you just learn over time, is it not?? But I'm putting this in my list nonetheless because why not.


I can't believe I almost forgot to put this into the list. I love piano. I like the sounds this instrument makes and to be playing a song that you love?

That got to be like one of the best feelings ever.

Most people start early when it comes to piano education though, but if I ever have the time and money in the future, I will learn it all over from Grade 1. By then hopefully I will have enough skills to play my favourite songs. x)

Is there anything you guys want to learn from scratch but is still unable to? Why not make a list and learn when you are FINALLY able to? 8)

Monday, March 03, 2014

Taken for Granted

Being close to someone can be scary sometimes, because you would grow to rely on them on various issues. It is said that for some couples out there, the only thing not breaking them up is not love; Rather, it's knowing that you have relied on them too much to let them go and be independent suddenly.

Having had that one person with you for quite some time, you begin to think that some actions they took are just stuff they are SUPPOSED to do instead of seeing it as "Oh, that's nice of you." or "Gee, thanks. You really do care for me."

As time passes, we forget to appreciate and start to take things for granted. This is not just for all those boyfriend-girlfriend stuff - although that counts too - but also for families, friends and even your pets.

We tend to forget how good a person is to us when we are at the receiving end for too long.

We forget to repay the kindness that has been shown to us.

We see the kind actions as routine rather than a privilege.

In short, we fail to appreciate.

It's only when the giving side has stopped giving and providing that we realize once more how good we have been treated. Maybe we would even tell the giving side, "You've changed." without realizing that we too have changed by not giving them the credit they used to receive.

At this point, we might realize that we have taken the other party for granted, and it might already be too late to change anything about it.

Point is, people. 

Don't take people for granted. Realize how good people are treating you before they leave you and you find yourself without the privileges you have earned previously. Don't cherish something only when it's gone. Cherish what you have while you still have it, before it disappears from your life altogether.

Who knows how long will you be at the receiving end before the other party decides not to be taken for granted anymore? 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Introducing: Horror RPG Games

Have you guys tried playing RPG games? As in, the ones that are recently made with this RPG Maker VX Ace program?

Let me introduce you to this site first. This is where I obtain the best (in my opinion) of horror RPG games.

This site offers translated games from other languages, self-made games, comics and some other games of varying genres. The focus lies more on the horror games itself however.

RPG games, while it looks sorta pixelated and not as interesting as those awesome graphics other games have, have equally - if not better - good storylines and scares. 

A screenshot from 'Misao'.
If you are into horror games, you might want to try the games at vgperson out. 

I started out with Misao, a game in which you had to find the body parts of a mutilated girl - Misao - while unveiling what really happened to her. This is probably already the least scary game among other horror RPG games, quite entertaining even for someone that doesn't get scared easily. 

This one's more to the storyline and some minor puzzles. Not really scary or panicky. But worth playing nonetheless. Best choice of horror game to start with if you are new to them.

Next, Ib. While the graphic is really different from the normal horror RPG games, I must say that having mannequins chasing you and doll eyes looking at you wherever you move is not really what you call fun.

The chasing scenes and puzzles in this game are pretty abundant, and I admit I had to use the walkthrough for the puzzles because my tired brain couldn't be bothered to solve them because I was just thirsty for the horror parts. *laughs* 

This game sorta test your reflexes. YOU CAN'T THINK MUCH WHEN YOU'RE BEING CHASED AROUND.

Hello? Hell...o?
"Hello? Hell...o?" This is a really short game with many endings. The aim of this game is to get all the endings (or at least until you got enough endings anyway) to complete the story and save the hero/ heroine of this game.

It might confuse you a little, this game, because of its short endings and the fact that there are two sides to this game. The male side and the female side. 

You need a little thinking to understand the story for this one maybe, and I'm kinda disappointed that Pewdiepie didn't get the last ending where the hero and heroine were united.

The Witch's House
One of my favourites. 'The Witch's House'. Got to be the most depressive story I have ever played. If you play this game, you will be guaranteed a huge number of jumpscares and chasing scenes you don't even think you can win. 

The save points are blessings. By the end of this game I was actually so terrified and panicky that my hands were trembling while trying to run away from yet another chasing scene. 


The Crooked Man
Then, there's 'The Crooked Man'. This game though. A really long game. Took me quite a while to finish it. But it's a really good game. Not many jumpscares. Rather, there are fights in this one. 

Sure, the game has its own story, and it's REALLY enjoyable. You have to collect notes to complete a diary entry. And when at the end of the game I discovered that I missed ONE single part of it causing me to be unable to get the ending, I just stopped playing and watched the walkthrough on YouTube to get the ending instead. 

Good game as well.

There's still games like 'Mad Father' and 'Mermaid Swamp', all available at vgperson's site and worth playing. They have their own shares of puzzles and scares and epic storylines, and it's just up to you to play it. =)

If you can't figure out what to do, heck, that page even provides full walkthrough, so no worries. 

The Sandman
Then now, there's this new game titled 'The Sandman', from the makers of 'The Crooked Man' and is in fact the next in series after that last game. 

I'm going to try finish this game within 3 or 4 days.

The best part of these horror RPG games is that their size isn't that big. Maybe around 90+MB. They can be played offline. 

It's just that for most of the games shown here requires you to download RTP VX Ace to run the game, which is about 180MB. Just uninstall it when you're done with your RPG games.

I'm keeping it though, with all the new horror RPG games up on the net every few weeks or months. 

Do you play Horror RPG games?? Know of any good ones to recommend? COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW! 8) 

Saturday, March 01, 2014

My 3 Ideals

Acceptance is a different matter. I believe that all of us imagine some places, traits, or items that we hope to get in the future in various situations.

Ideals in jobs, houses, significant other, even our whole life pathway after a certain stage.

It's hard to tell if what that's ideal for me now will still be an ideal five or ten years from today. Standards change, after all. But since we all have our ideals how we are now, here goes.

Ideal Self

Prim and proper girl, not as weird as how I am now - as claimed by mai boyfriend - in short, more girlish really. Be le bookish person I am, dedicated and responsible to what I do.

A little crazy is good. Always is good. Have been wishing for someone who wouldn't ask me to change, but if I am to change, maybe I won't be as weird as I supposedly am now.

I wanna be more sociable, braver, more artistic, more understanding and caring. Less hurtful words out of my mouth. More patience. Maybe better fashion sense. I want to have a definite target or life aim. That would be good. 

Ideal Job

I don't know, guys. But my current life aim which is my job is to open my own horror-themed toy shop. Dolls, puppets, little trinkets, plush toys, collectible items. I want to open this shop where my own products are going to be sold. I want to design my own items and sell them. 

Maybe open a library cafe thing as well, though this one's going to be costly. I like books, and if I can let other book lovers enjoy reading at my place with coffee, tea and maybe some pastries, why not?

Some place quiet but also where I can enjoy and make money, that's where my ideal job will be. I love horror and gore, and more often than not I end up drawing scary stuff. Why not then? x)

*cough* Ideal Significant Other *cough*


Okay so that's not really the most important trait. But it's really important to me, mmkay? 

Non-smoking, non-alcoholic, no gambling. Primary requirements. I want him to be healthy and not half-dead by the time I get to marry him (LOL FAR FAR TARGET MUCH)

Preference: Someone I can talk nerd with. Prioritize moi over friends. Doesn't mind constancy or my weirdness. Book collections we can share 8) Can the relationship not have an expiry date? As in, just stop because we are going to different universities or workplace. ... Okay so that's for mai current relationship, yes. No more far-distance shit. I swear off Libra guys if I going for new relationships in the future (hope not cause I want relationships to last). Someone that loves words and letters, someone with strength, preferably knows music, even better if can cook (cause I still cannot *cough*) and well. Just someone nice, I guess. 

Girls are complicated, eh? xDD

Well, these ideals are not that important anyway. I will try to achieve them, though the last one is really more to luck than anything else. I believe that we should work towards being the right person rather than to LOOK for our right person. Ideals probably don't exist. Imaginations. Something to keep us going so we will achieve more than what we already have. 

But is there any point in having ideals?

Now that, I'm not so sure.