Monday, April 28, 2014

Are You In or Out?

There are times when you are so sober and solemn that you go all deep and sentimental with your friends when you start talking.

And this thing you call Friends, is what I'm talking about today.

How long do your friendships last? A year or two? As long as up to ten years? A few minutes at the queue while buying something?

Is it possible for us to have that one or two friends to grow old with us and stay with us once we are friends?

I don't know, people. To me, friendships come and go. You stay at one place, you get those friends you are lucky enough to get. Then you move on to another place, and if you're lucky enough those friends come with you and you don't have to start anew. If not, you just leave those friendships behind and salvage whatever you can and hang on to until those friendships too, fade away.

Occasionally, my friends from different schools/ colleges would meet up, like this picture here for example. One's a best friend from the second secondary school I went to after shifting from Melaka to Johor and another one here is a sister that I obtained in college.

Some friends stay. The rest goes away. 

You got to make an effort to let the best of friends stay with you. Make more memories to keep and smile at when you think of them.

Some people would say, "Well, just let things go naturally. If it happens, it happens."

Well then. Natural, you say. So when things drift apart, you just let it be that way? Do you do the same with your significant other? Certainly not, am I right? Yet sad to say most friendships do not last, even when efforts are made. Some things really are just meant to be. 

I guess like everything else in the world, life moves on. Friendships, relationships, jobs, studies, everything. We just have to move on, even if we miss the past and all the good memories we have from it.

Moving on aside, I really am keen to look for someone or something that would stay with me through the years to come. I like commitment. It's something that I look for in most aspects. Commitment and something stable or consistent. 

It gets a little lonely sometimes knowing that people around you won't stay forever. They find new friends and would be too busy to reconnect with you, and make half-ass attempts to meet up and get the friendship back. 

There are friends that makes efforts to let the friendship stay in my life, and I am grateful for that. I'm dedicating this paragraph to you, my bunny a.k.a. scandal whom I've known since primary school and just called me to tell me that she needs some motivation to go through the last day of her exams tomorrow. I miss you, bunny. x) You're in Kedah, wayyyy too far for me to go visit. But if you return to Melaka then maybe we can meet 8) <3

"It's surprising how easy it is for someone to just drift out of your life forever. But sometimes, when you do find someone you want to stay in your life, you do something about it." - A quote from 'How I Met Your Mother"

To the readers who might already are my friends, will you stay?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hogwarts Is Here!!

Well if you are a big fans of Harry Potter and have always been waiting for that acceptance letter from Hogwarts, you can do it through the internet now.

What with the advancing technologies and all, you can now sign at this fan-made website for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry through this website here and enroll in 7 courses provided at the low, low price of free.

But first of all, after signing up and receiving your acceptance mail in your inbox (probably in your spam folder) you can take this quiz here to see which Hogwarts house you belong in. I got Gryffindor, but I signed up for Slytherin anyway because WHY NOT. 

After choosing your house, you can start off by enrolling in a course or two, and if you are really free, just enroll in all 7 courses at one go.

It's best if you manage your time among these courses well though, especially if you are having real-life studies at the moment. 

Now, most friends of mine that saw the posts I made about this website on Facebook asked me questions like, "Is it tough? I am not really into this Harry Potter fandom but this looks fun."

Yes, this is pretty fun if you are the type of person that has time to deal with extra assignments and exams. I myself, in terms of Harry Potter fandoms, am a muggle. I did not read the novels and watched maybe only one or two movies from this series. 

After enrolling in the courses, you can start with the lessons and by the end of each lesson, you have assignments and quizzes. These are not compulsory unlike the finals which would be due in perhaps week 4 or 5 after the commencement of your studies. 

However, the marks you obtain for these assignments do contribute to your house points and may be able to push your grades a little for your finals.

The essays take some time to be graded, and has no deadlines, although some may require you to finish an essay within 30 minutes. Relax. The essays are not long ones. Some about 300 words, some within 100 words, things like that.

You may need a textbook to refer to for some of your assignments, but these are free too! At the beginning of the game you are given some 'money' so that you can start off with your lessons by buying the books you need. 

Well I haven't make any sense of this currency yet. But I think I still have enough to last me for a while. Apparently, if you do well in your exams and assignments you might get more deposits from the Gringotts Bank. 

There's a supply list in case you don't know what are the things you NEED to start off with. It's best you don't end up buying unnecessary things or you might be unable to start your courses in the future.

I'm taking two courses for now - Transfiguration and History of Magic. The assignments are easy once you read through the lessons and textbooks. This website is a little text-heavy but well, online classes. That's how things like this work. xD

Oh, right. Aside from all these studying things, you can also join a dorm with your friends and have discussions at the dorm chatbox. Similarly, group discussions can be held at the house's common room or among your classmates. 

If you are up for competition, you can try to complete as many assignments as possible and go up the ranks in the house leaderboard and also The Great Hall, where players from all houses compete against each other.

If you are interested, you can even volunteer as a professor, a graphic designer or a textbook writer, et cetera et cetera. It depends on whether or not the website needs such talent from time to time. They are short of professors though. With so many students enrolled in this school and that many assignments submitted by enthusiasts, why not volunteer as a professor if you are well-versed in the world of magics in this school?

And of course, if you do like this website enough, you can donate to this website so that they can upgrade their servers to run more smoothly for us students. 

I'm still trying to understand the nature of Avifors here and all, but hey, if you do end up enrolling in this school, add me there. We might be able to do some 'discussions' on assignments. 5 more courses to enroll in, CAN I REALLY DO THIS? CAN A MUGGLE DO THIS WELL??? Well, we will see, won't we? Let's hope that this website will be here long enough for me to graduate after a few YEARS. Still a first-year student after all. x)

To those planning on joining, good luck and have fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This thing you call a relationship

So I've been thinking a lot lately about relationships and whatnot. Like, I'm gonna be 19 this year, and if I ever want to get married I'll probably do so by the time I'm 25. About 6 more years till the possibility of that happens.

Well if that's the case I sure hope I already have that guy in my life!! 6 years is a long time though, I guess I can spare a few more years finding that guy to torture for the rest of my life. But we'll see. Cause I'm not exactly keen on the idea of getting married and having kids although I want relationships to last forever.

Anyway, there's the things my parents and friends have told me.

From mum:

"Go study well, get a nice job, find a guy that loves you more than you love him and have a decent background. If you get him, just get married about 1 or 2 years after getting into a relationship."
(Me: ISN'T IT TOO SOON THOUGH I'd like to know le dude more before marrying him!! @@)

"Don't put too much emotions into your relationship, okay? In the end you're the only one getting hurt after all."

"It's not nice for your husband if he knows that you've been through 24351353526 relationships. Don't jump into one. Don't accept just because the guy chased you. And most of all, don't chase the guy."

"Holding hands, hugs, kisses... those are special, don't simply give them away to a boyfriend."

"Why jump into a relationship so fast? You're still so young. scared won't get a boyfriend in the future? There are better guys waiting out there, don't rush it."

From dad:

"Still with that guy ah?"
(Me: Got bf same like no bf lah. Doesn't matter that much.)
" *claps* Good good good. Good to think like that. I approve. You need all these experience to be more mature mah."

(Me: ...)

"Haven't break up ah?"

"Ceyh. Just 4 months ma. Nowadays you all ah, easy easy call boyfriend girlfriend. No point."

"If you got heartbroken all that, tell me. It's alright. It's all a part of growing up."

From little sister:

"Notchet break ah?"

"Eh you guys how long d ah? Got 1 year ah? (Me: No. Not even half a year yet LOL) Your ex one how long?? (Me: 1 year 5 months?) Eh not bad hor? (*nods*)"

"Aiyaaa break la break la why notchet break"
(Cursing me izzit??? Who won't want their relationship to last wor ><)

"Why would people want a potato like you."

"See, other couples so sweet you got like that one mah? No, right? Lousy. Not sweet also."


"It's your decision, in the end. But know that I have your back when your decision is made, whatever decision that might be."

"Stay strong."

"Be confident."

"Are you really alright? Don't lie to me, I know you're hiding something."

"Don't give up on hope just because of what you faced so far, you'll find someone that will change your mind one day."

"Homaigawd why are you so stubborn. You're so naive!!" 

"Don't be cheated by sweet words, okay? Keep this in mind."

"Well, you jumped into a relationship knowing what will happen, so it's still partly your fault. But I still got your back here so just jump whenever you want to."

"At the beginning all is sweet, it's how the guy treats you after the 'honeymoon phase' that counts."

=) Despite all the different sorts of comments, both good and bad, I want to let you guys know that I appreciate all of it. At times when I need reassurances, someone to turn to, a shoulder to cry on, it's you people that I seek. My family and my friends, I thank you. 

Through my relationships, I have always had friends who were there for me when I feel upset. Sometimes, I find myself laughing as I realized that my friends cared more for me than my guy (Both past and current). You people will not hold back telling me what I did wrong and if I was the one who wronged the other, and I appreciate that too.

I wouldn't learn otherwise. 

Yet some of you said that I haven't learn from my past experience. I can't argue about that. I learnt, but I still believe in keeping faith and hopes up instead of giving up so quickly. 

Maybe one day I will just give up and turn to swing both ways or something, but today, my friends, is not the day. 8) 



Friday, April 11, 2014

dy/dx = 0, A Turning Point

Just 2 days ago, I learnt that my application for a degree course in Nanyang Technological University has been rejected. I don't know why yet - it might be because my Foundation is not sufficient as an entry requirement (should have taken A-levels or Australian Matriculation although I wouldn't have met all the awesome people I did in 2013), or maybe because the drawings I sent in as my portfolio did not reflect my creativity and skills, maybe both reasons or just that the limit for number of international students have been reached.

Either way, I took this as a turning point for my life. 

It was the deciding factor of whether or not I continue trying to pursue a course and future in designing. It was either entering NTU to get into a designing life or nothing. 

The other universities were a bit too costly in comparison, and the impression not as good. Beggars can't be choosers, but one can always have some expectations. 

If anything, this event motivated me to get even better at my drawing and later, designing skills. But for now, I will apply for a neuropsychology course or as it is called in the university, Biology with Psychology. 

This subject has been my second choice for some time, after designing. Well, not NEUROpsychology. Just psychology, until I got to know about all those puzzles surrounding the brain. THEN, I wanted something combining brain and psychology and here I have it, neuropsychology.

It's really better to have a second choice and backup plans in life, I realized. Life doesn't always go the way we planned, and at times like this, having a backup is good. 

You see, my life has been so sheltered and protected that I seldom and almost NEVER faced rejections before. This is one of the first few major rejections that I faced in my life so far.

Thus I call it the turning point.

Being average-ish in studies isn't enough. At times, we have to make the right choices in order to advance or move forward in our lives. Maybe it wasn't a wrong choice to take a foundation where I'm headed. As a friend said to me, I'm just taking a different path, maybe a slightly longer way to reach my dreams.

Little will change after this. However, I will now have time to improve and learn more on my own about digital drawing and actually do some reading about how humans work and put it to use afterwards.

Where is your turning point in life? =)

Sunday, April 06, 2014




当时,她告诉了我她不知道这样的一篇作文改怎么写。我却满脑子都是可以用的点子。不过有这些点子也没用呀,毕竟我没法写出来。连自己的华语名字‘沈婉蓉’都写的乱七八糟,怎么可能让我写出一篇作文?!(⊙o⊙) 根本就不可能!!

就这样,我就来kit要写这篇部落格文章了 =P 如果有打错字请体谅, forgive moi!




... 没事情一直笑着其实也不正常咯~不可能要我没理由的一整天傻笑吧??

认识我已一段日子的人会说:“其实你还不错guailan/ 三八/ 得咯,真的看不出嘞。”









我不喜欢吵闹的地方,却有时还是会需要到这种地方来解压。虽然说自己一个人在shopping center 走也是蛮开心的,偶尔和认识的朋友们见面喝喝茶逛逛街还是不错的!


但这样的我才是我。 x)