Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 9

Ahhh, quite an uneventful week, I can say.

I came back from the holidays on Friday in Week 8, and that very evening, I went to Night of Frights
Sunway Lagoon with some friends. Those friends were kind of crazy really, they went on so many rides that I was somehow too chicken to go on. The 360 degrees pirate ship - holy shit how did they summon the courage to go on THAT?!!! - and a very fast slide down a tube. I wanted to take shitloads of pictures on that day, but sad to say it was too dark to get any good pictures.

There were people in costumes roaming about, giving you shocks and surprises if they catch you unaware. There are also some 'haunted houses', so to speak, where you go in and risk getting scared but it wasn't scary really.

It was still fun though.

Red more visible this time?
Saturday was a rainy day, and being not needed at work in the end, I went to check out this melissa shoe shop because my friends and I had RM100 vouchers for this shop but yoooooo their shoes are like RM500 plus a pair. Ridiculous. So nope-nope-nooooped away back to campus where we dyed our hair again (the hostel gang anyways) at night.

In campus.

On the 3rd floor.

Outside the male washroom.

Cause it's mainly the guy in our group dyeing, we are just dyeing parts of our hair and not the whole thing) where we were caught like two times. It was late night, there wasn't supposed to be anyone on the third floor anymore, but there IS and two guys caught us girls in the washroom washing off the dye and stuff. XDD

Lunchhhhh. from left to right: Kawaii, '大姐' and Rey (who looks high as fuck)
Rey got his colours up real good, but for the rest of us it isn't that obvious. But it's k cause it's showing much more than it did when I dyed the last time with dark red. We chose super bright red this time anyway :DD Might try dark blue the next time I want to dye. Be a parrot. Prrrrt.

Oh and I got my PSP on that day I believe, and I've been hooked ever since.

Sunday and Monday went by quite uneventfully (I can't remember what happened anymore) ... Oh right. We had Stats exam on Monday and I got 55 out of 60 for that exam. Which was pretty awesome in my opinion :D

Wednesday I vaguely remember completing a lab thing and then reading to Sunway Pyramid to get a new ring (got one at Rm29) and then window shop with my fellow girls while waiting for Rey to be done with his gym stuff. Thing about going out with girls is that you can enter any shop you want and that was why we entered a super fancy lingerie shop and try out the low cut blouses there (too big for me even at S size and WHO BARES SO MUCH SKIN ANYWAY) ... Was that really yesterday? It felt like it's been so long. Maybe that was Tuesday.

Yeah i think that was Tuesday. On Wednesday we were... ... How hard can it be to remember things that happened yesterday?

Oh right. It was Deepavali, and my Indian friends were gone for the day. I was alone most of the day until night time, when I settled at the piano atrium to do some drawing and studying. Some people were playing the piano there, and they were good. Music during work is always appreciated ^^

Then there's today, when I got back my Neuroanatomy mid-term paper. I got 45 out of 60, and made it into the list of A-scores. There were only 4 people that got an A, so I think I did quite well even though I was kind of disappointed I didn't get an 80?

Yeah that was about it really But I had fun during lunch period, because my ship agreed to act out some coupley stuff for my birthday. <3 It'll be my 19th birthday soon, and I can only hope that I won't get pranked too heavily? XD But we planned to go to Sunway Lagoon (I can bring 4 people with 30% discount during the week of my birthday and I can go for free) on that week's saturday :D

Yay? :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 8

Ahh, the mid-term holidays. Ever since I arrived home on this hella luxurious bus, I've been catching up on all the sleep and free food that I did not get in university.

It's back to the sleep late wake up late schedule like back when I have not started the uni life yet. And there's so much chocolate at home I'm surprised I didn't get diabetes yet (on second thoughts I might have it but just haven't realize it).

And I gotta say. It feels so awesome. This is the life, man. This is the life.

Managed to finish some studying and assignments, besides getting myself two new games to play - Command and Conquer - tiberium alliances and Dragon Age - origins that I got from, well origin.

Downloading Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition from Steam (free yo) as I type.

So much potato-ing at home.

That's about it about my week at home really. Nothing much to talk about. Just getting up past noon, face the laptop for like 10 hours, eat chocolates and whatever food available, do bits and pieces of assignments, and then read a few pages of my novel before I go to sleep.

I also discovered that it's a very difficult task to change a desktop wallpaper. There's so many choices but nothing seems perfect.  I settled for a Harley Quinn one. ... Daaaayum, she looks like Avril Lavigne.

Let's have those random rants back.

You know there's this website called where you can send an e-mail to your future self? Like you just type whatever you want, and then set a date for it to be sent to your e-mail and you'll receive that e-mail on the said date.

I received one that I wrote somewhen in November last year, and it was about my relationship at that time, how I was so crazy in love and all that, and it could be our 11th month anniversary when I read that e-mail. I guess things really don't turn out the way you hope them to be :)

Ever since then I've been more clear-headed when it comes to relationship issues. I no longer want to jump straight into a relationship when I feel that crazy infatuation for someone, nor do I feel the need to make him mine or anything like that. Whereas the past me would have chased the guy I like and stalk him to the end of the world, I don't feel motivated to do anything like that any longer. I look out for all the warning signs and I'm not afraid to say 'no' or to disobey anymore.

A little more clear-headed. And it feels nice to be like this.

While I still care for the people I'm close with, I noticed that I think more for myself now. I don't really stay up late to help other people or to put my important assignments aside to comfort a friend anymore. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I do wonder. Maybe time will tell :)

I still feel those small tugs of sadness when I am reminded of how I could have been studying designing right now, completing sketches and drawings of concepts and ideas instead of studying chiral drugs and how to write research reports. It still hurts, but I have nice friends here who made me more determined to go through this with them. They push me forward, and I will do the same for them should anything happen.

Thanks, you awesome bunch of people. We're in our second month in uni now, and the finals are in December. We have one more month to prepare ourselves for our chain of straight A's! :) Let's do this together :D

Much love,

Tetsu Yuuki

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 7

The past week passed by in a haze of blur. There were exams, sleepless nights and I don't actually remember much of it anymore.

I am, however, finally back home for the one-week holidays.

I stayed overnight at my friends' place yesterday night and got up early this morning to reach the bus station and board the 0830 bus. And ohhhh was that bus good. Air-conditioned, has a washroom on lower level, and there's a mini TV thing with 2013 movies and song playlists.

Aeroline provided a simple meal, consisting of a sandwich, a croissant-like thing, and a nice big apple. They also gave a bottle of water and a hot drink - I got myself some coffee - besides headphones and blankets to be returned by the end of the trip.

It's kind of like what I experienced in an airplane, except that this is a bus. I hope that I can just board the bus to Johor from Sunway Pyramid in the future, then I won't need to ask my friend to fetch me to the bus station anymore x)

On Thursday, all le Psychology students were probably rushing to complete their own practical reports which included method write-ups. My report was about 11 pages long, and this assignment's marks are worth about 15% out of our internal marks. So yes, after scoring only 5.7 our of 10 for my first psychology assignment (Yes, I was disappointed, because I really expected higher marks), I tried harder. Let's hope it goes better this time.

It was also on Thursday that I got my friend two PS4 games - Diablo 3 and Shadow or Mordor - for his secondhand PSP. That's RM400 for a console, which is quite a good deal.

I'm getting that PSP by Friday next week.

Kinda can't wait, to be honest. While my friend is home playing his two new games on PS4 I'm here downloading 'DragonAge Origins' from well, Origin.

So far, I have to say that I have more problems with Neuroanatomy compared to other subjects in this semester - Intro to Organic Chem, Intro to Stats and Intro to Psychology. And it was during this mid-term on Wednesday that I found out just how much I had to study and how much I didn't know.

Therefore I am recommending Armando Hasudungan's videos for the science and arts students out there. His videos are of him drawing the structures of an organ/ organelles and explaining their functions etc, and for someone who's more of a visual type of person like me, the videos are very helpful.

I barely slept at all the day before the exams, but at least I had a rough idea what answers I should write. Yet the results that came back so far was just results overview from the lecturer like

A - 4, B - 2, C - 4, D - 3 and F - 5. Each number representing the number of students that received the said grade. It got me a little worried. What if I failed???

My friends and I went for Tiramisu Tuesday at Starbucks - Buy 1 Free 1!!! and when asked for our names, I simply said "Batman" and yes, I got the Batman starbucks.

Right, this was the night before the neuroanatomy exams.

So we got our coffee and then we stayed up at night studying all the brain stuff. At least there was coffee, I guess.

And this tiramisu frappucino thing tasted nicer than expected, although it turned a little too sweet for me in the end. But hey, about RM9 for a large starbucks cup ain't half bad!! :D

Might do it again in the future.

That morning, we did our lab session and I bought a flower from the old aunt outside the campus. Brought the flower into the lab and placed it in a bottle for distilled water (Well I added tap water because distilled water can't really work to water plants now can it?)

Now, now. What happened on Monday? *thinks* Ah, there probably wasn't anything. On a side note, I should probably take more pictures of events in my daily life. I won't lose track of events that way, right? x)

eeeeitherway, this holidays is a lie. I still have so many assignments to do and there's two other mid-terms to prepare for~!! XDD

Oh oh OHHHH how can I forget. This week was when our Faculty students got to know the 'Trolling Saruman' song and play it over and over in lab sessions and lectures and sang at random hours.

That, and 'mah anahkondah donth'.

What a week.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Week 6

Heyyy guys. :D Turtle Yuki-san reporting for her weekly blogging!

Like all the previous weeks, there were some highlight events in the past few days.

Yesterday, my hostel friends and I joined this 'We are young, so what?" event which was mainly about the young entrepreneurs and how they got started, the troubles they faced building and making their business. There were also some performances by the university's music club and a comedy show by a local.

For RM10, there was a bag of food (snacks, more like) and a certificate and some vouchers and coupons.

It's not impossible to be career-wise successful even if you're still very young. :D

9 other coursemates and I went to watch Annabelle barely 4 hours ago, at 2.30p.m.. Sad to say I was very disappointed with the movie. There was almost no storyline and there were only jumpscares and well... it was just disappointing really.

Must keep in mind next time that not all horror movies are good even if the prequels are awesome. Much sads.

However, highlights of the week - I #yolo-ed with my hostel mates for two days continuously. The first day, Monday, probably - my friends and I (it's always just the four of us hostel people really) went to the shopping mall on an impulse and got ourselves a dark red hair dye and dyed our hair. It was for the only guy in our gang in the beginning, and one of us girls happened to know how to dye hair so she helped. Meanwhile the rest of us 3 girls decided to just dye a portion of our hair. The fringe part for us.

Yet the colour barely stood out after it dried and we were kinda disappointed. And the bottle of dye still had aplenty of the colours, so we went to dye our hair the second time. This all happened between about 9p.m. to midnight-ish. And yes we dyed our hair in campus. Because we can. I ended up applying the dye to not just the fringe in the end anyway. The colour only started to show recently. Slow chem reaction? XD

We are planning to dye a brighter shade of colour in the second semester. Let's hope it works out better by then :D

The second night, my friend and I stayed awake the whole night just studying and completing our assignments. NO sleep at all. We survived on... nothing much really.

We went to take our shower around 4 a.m. and got our breakfast and went to the lab for our class afters.

I brought my blanket with me and slept while waiting for the lecturer around 6 or 7-ish to 8-ish. And by night time I was simply too tired to sleep after midnight.

But I got assignments done, and even some studying. Which felt pretty good really. :D I'll probably do this every fortnight or so, provided someone else would stay awake with me in campus.

Overall it has been a good week, and I hope I get my salary soon because I need my money for... reasons.

Well, that's all for now. The assignments are piling up once more, and I need to start doing some journal readings. See you guys next week and I hope you had a nice week too :D