Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13

Dad came over for a short while on Tuesday, 18th Nov. He brought some food and clothes, and then he left fairly quickly, in a rush. But it's something. I now have extra sachets of coffee and oatmeal and biscuits :D

19th November, Pizza party. We were celebrating Pit Shan's birthday (the girl on the left) and they had a cake for all the November babies as well (Picture on the right, there were five of us excluding the birthday girl).

We discovered that our 'class monitor' could do stuff with balloons, making a tiny balloon gift for all of us (sorta). A great highlight of this event is that there were 22 of us at the tables. It was the first time that so many people from our classes actually came out together .There were a few more people that didn't join us, but this is enough people already. :D

It was awesome :D

On 20th November, Wednesday, my two hostel friends and I went swimming in a nearby residence. Finally, swimming!! At night time too :D It turns out we can just enter the pool area and swim after registering, as long as it was within the visiting hours :D 

21st, There was a class trip to KLCC for some exhibition for medical biotechnology or something like that. I uh, escaped to Kinokuniya shortly after arriving there (explains why I wasn't in the picture) and after having a meal we just went back to campus.

The fun was in the bus really. XD Nothing much to do in KLCC.

Weekends was filled with work and stuff, and yesterday I had a talk with a close friend of mine and it was a relief to finally tell that friend what was on my mind. It didn't change anything but it was simply a relief. :D

It was a good week.

By the end of this week, most of my assignments will be done with and I will be able to start studying for my finals on the 8th of December.

Good luck to all my classmates going through this same stage as well :D

Till next week, see ya :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 12

Highlights of this past week: Homework and assignments. I have nothing much to say about this week *gulps* Homework tsunami is on the way, and if it counts as anything, I bought a few more notebooks during the weekends, one for motivational quotes and another one (very tiny really), for noting down the happy events that happened on the day. :) It's somewhat productive I guess, better than playing games on my phone and stuff.

What the girlfriends said was: "You gotta take some selfies when you're stressed out doing assignments."
And a selfie it was that we took.
I bought a new headphone from sonicgear for rm69. It's good enough quality, although it looks weird as fuck when worn.

I started drinking red dates drink again. I felt quite dizzy the past few days and drinking red dates drink always helped when I was back home. It was cheaper than I expected, and true enough, it did help. :) I'm having it about once every three days only though.

To make up for the lack of photos in this post
I haven't been taking pictures lately.
There was also a free health screening that involved BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose level and cholesterol levels. Turns out I'm about 157.9cm, and all those other blood level things are normal. I appear to be healthy :D

Yesterday (Sunday) I used this Aunt Anne's voucher thing. 3 specialty pretzels and one other new thing for rm11.00 that my friend paid for me in groupon (I don't have a credit card). I thought I could finish it. I have never been more wrong XDD

My friends and I have started to plan for an end-of-the-year trip after our finals this semester. It appears that we will be going to Melaka :)

Today in Introduction to Psychology class, we played charades instead of having an old-style quizzing. We can opt to draw on the whiteboard or act the term out. Our team lost =P None of us actually studied psychology yet so uhhh... eheh. But it's a fun way to revise alright.

Chem test 2 is in 2 days, as well as the submission deadline for the last practical report of introduction to psychology - done, thankfully. So here it goes, all the last minute cram-studying.

I actually already applied for one-month leave from work (a little guilty, but finals are more important than my money at this moment). Let's make use of this time properly~!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 11

4th Nov, Maid Cafe event. I borrowed my friend's blouse and walked around campus in a... say 1.5inch wedges and short skirt-thing and a neko ears.

Sold most of le stuff - I must say 'thank you' to the member card promoting skills I got at my workplace for this - until there were only about... 2 or 3 items left? Yeah I suppose that was good enough.

5th November, presentation for Chemistry. I also got my kad siswa - discount card for university students.

I was kinda panicky for the presentation, to say the least. Prancing up and down the stairs and timing myself, making sure that I remember my points correctly without having to look at the slides.

My friend and I were the second to do our presentation, and we did one on Methadone. Yeah, chemistry stuff. I was glad when it was all over :DD

6th November, we collected data for our psychology experiment. We were doing a research on bystander effect, and we wanted to see if people will help more when they're in a group or when they're alone.

Basically in our group we drop something and pretend we didn't know it, and see if that person will help us pick it up and return it to us. As it turns out, people tend to help out less when they are in a group compared to when they're alone.

Psychology, bitches.

That night, I went to meet up with a good friend from secondary school. It's been so long since we last met, but she didn't change that much. Not much in appearance, at least. Personality? Prolly some changes were there. She's more outgoing, prettier - though a lot more skinnier now - but still good. :D Went back around midnight, a friend accompanied me to and back, but stayed in the cyber cafe while we girls catch up on stuff. :) Thanks bruh.

I think my friends and I went to watch Interstellar on Thursday also?

I can't remember.

The movie was good. I expected the movie to be real deep and hard to understand and stuff but as it turns out it was a really good movie and had me on he edge of my seat most of the time in the 3-hours movie.

yes, 3-hours. It was worth it, however. Very much worth it. Much recommendation to the friends out there considering watching it. Don't CONSIDER anymore. Just go watch it :D

There prolly wasn't anything much on Friday? I can't quite remember. BUT SATURDAY THO.



I managed to bring 3 other friends with me for a trip to Sunway Lagoon. There were supposed to be more people joining us, but about 2 or 3 had to back out at the last minute. So 4 people it was. And even though it was only 4 people, it was fun.

It was raining when I got up around 8a.m.. Sunway Lagoon opens around 10a.m.-ish, so there was still hope that the rain will stop afterwards. And it was just small drizzles by 10. We got our breakfast and then in we went to Sunway Lagoon :DD

I think we went on Vuvuzela first? The thingy that's like a huge ice-cream cone thing. A water ride. Yeah, we went into the waterpark first, got ourselves wet and stuff ;) We went on almost all the rides, actually.

Except for this other 360 degrees ride thing and other tiny rides that weren't as exciting, I believe we went on everything else. Even canoe-ing and pirate ship and swimming in the dirty waters.


Halfway during the trip - after lunch there, which was kinda expensive really - Rey's phone's waterproof abilities were tested.

AND IT WORKS. So from that point onwards we kept taking pictures.  We went on this motor-ride thingy (forgot its name) but not the flying fox. Queue too long and it was raining at that time (small drizzles but they stopped some rides nevertheless). 

Imagine playing from 11-ish till 6p.m.

It was tiring, but worth it. 

Afterwards Elicia brought us to Suki-ya in Paradigm mall. 

RM39.80 nett. Free flow of meat. 


but it's mostly the guys who ate. They ate shitloads. I wonder how big their stomachs are. One thing worth mentioning about eating here is the 'Chocolate Ice-Cream with Chocolate Sprinkles' that Punchbag was ridiculously proud of.

There's green tea ice cream. Which is like. Super awesome. 

For the record, I had an ice-cream cone filled with chocolate sprinkles and some cornflakes before I left. :P

We went back after dinner at about 10-ish. It was a ONE DAY TRIP. 12 HOURS, about. 

Much fun :D Best day spent ever~!!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Week 10

Week 10 was a busy week, to say the least. 

On Monday, I attended the Sunway Ambassadors thing, accepting the invitation and I'm now officially a Sunway Ambassador :D Got a free t-shirt and there will be many programs and events to help out in from today onwards. 

At least on that day ,we submitted the soft copy of quite an important assignment for Chemistry (worth about 7% only but still) and we had chemistry mid terms on Wednesday. It was somewhat better than I expected, although there were some questions that I wasn't sure about .It should be fine I guess. At least I didn't fail.

I hope.

I studied quite some for that paper, staying up late and whatnot. Let's hope it's worth it?

Shopping Trip 30th Oct 2014 
Maybe lose only one mark or two out of 15?

*crosses fingers*

Week 10 passed by in a blur, to be honest. It was all studying and projects and homework and stuff, until it was all over and weekends arrive

whereby I went to work. That's how week 10 passed.

New Clothes!
Oh right. On Wednesday, my friends and I went on a shopping spree (kind of). It was just all girls so we went from shop to shop trying on clothes pretending to be interested in buying them.

Thursday, we went on a shopping trip and I got myself a nice red dress. It cost me like RM70, but I think it's very much worth it. The trip is somewhat shorter this time with two guys following.

One of the guys, who we shall call 'punchbag', was kind of worn out, having to wear really uncomfortable shoes and he kind of sat down on the marble floors of the shopping mall every opportunity he got. 

I got myself a temporary tattoo (air-sprayed stuff) for Rm10, and it's supposed to last for a bout a week. It's still going on strong O.o Guess it's good enough for a temporary one? at least my friends won't nag at me for drawing on my hands this time :P

sad sod
Afterwards. Friday. It was Halloween, and I attended this Halloween event thing organized by the Centre of American Education (CAE) in Sunway University : Night at the Asylum. My friends and I made a last minute decision to go watch movie in KLCC, quite some distance away from our campus. 

"Before I Go to Sleep" is quite a good movie (Better than Annabelle, at least) with hella lots of plot twists. 

I arrived back at campus around 7.15pm-ish, and figured, 'whelp. Late already nyways (event started at 7pm, so it says on my ticket), so I went back to the hostel and managed to dab on some make-up thingies that I wasn't even sure how to use (I MANAGED ANYWAY) in about ... 8 minutes-ish? and yeah, I rushed to the event afterwards.

I went alone, my friends were not keen on participating and two of them have gone home anyway. I normally hang out with the hostel people you see.

I did get to know someone new there though, his name was Jason, I believe. He came from INTI with his friend and joined me as he saw that I was alone. 

Had some nice talk, then after some dancing and stuff he disappeared.

Gave him my number though, so we can keep in touch. Guess all is well?

Weekends, work. As usual. I left my jacket in the bookstore and I have yet to go there to retrieve it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe this coming weekend. Who cared anyways. I will be there soon.

I now have two trainees under me (sort of), and I'm kinda more senior compared to them even though they work full time. They're only 16, I reckon. But they seem to be doing quite a good job and are friendly people. That's nice.

New clothes, cupcakes (TURTLES!!!)  and a rose and another flower (IDK WHAT THAT FLOWER IS)
Then there's today. My 19th birthday. 

My close friends didn't wish me until I posted some birthday celebration photos. Kind of disappointed, to be honest. But my friends here gave me pleasant surprises.

The lecturer remarked that it was my birthday and le birthday song routine was done, (thanks??? Not sure how to react to that cause what do I do with birthday songs tbh?). Then I got a tiny flower from a classmate, and then it was cupcakes and whatever you see in the picture. I got lots of hugs too. <3

Thanks guys :) 

Yeah, that's pretty much it for the weekly updates, sorry for posting late. I know I was supposed to post like last Thursday but I kinda forgot anyways. 

Will update more this Thursday, if I remember :DD