Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 18

Woah, I was gone for quite a while, wasn't I?

I had my finals for the first semester from the 8th of December to the 18th of December, and on the 23rd I went to Bangkok with my family. It was an approx 5 days trip, and we went back in the morning on the 28th of December.

The roadside snacks here are delicious and cheap, even. The people weren't kidding about the delicious mango with sticky rice either. It tasted AWESOME. Food here i'd rate like 8/10.

Terminal 21. Blur picture, because it was taken on the escalator.
I must say, the MRT system there is pretty reliable and convenient, with each station situated in a city highlight area.

Among the places that we visited, I probably like Terminal 21 the most. It's a shopping mall with each floor having a different country's theme. It's also divided into sections such that one floor might be filled with women's wear while the other with men's; another with food and on yet another, trinkets and accessories.

I bought quite a number of accessories here, and there was a shop with punk-ish outfits and accessories. That's where I first spent my Thai bahts :D

Then there was Silom, a city area with quite a number of high buildings and night clubs. This is where I found bacon ranch fries for 99.9 THB.

Bacon. Fries.

The highlight of that place's gotta be Patpong, however. There were rows of shops selling counterfeit products. Pradas, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Nike, you name it, they have it.

One thing about shopping in the market areas in Bangkok is that you don't have to be afraid to haggle. Especially in Patpong. You can ask them for the price of an item, and if you refuse to buy, the vendors will ask you how much you want it for. If you're good enough at haggling, you can even cut 1000 THB off a 1700THB item.

I am not much of a branded product fans, however, so this place doesn't appeal to me as much.

Pratunam areas, as viewed from a skytrain station
Next, Pratunam. Let's just say I now understand why Namewee mentioned Pratunam in one of his songs. '带你到Pratunam,你想买的我都会买’‘Bring you to Pratunam, what you want to buy I'll buy for you' 

They sell decent-quality clothes and handbags here. I didn't quite finish shopping here because we were to meet people for dinner. But yes, shopping was done.

Of course shopping was done. We were shopping like 75% of the time we were there. Wake up around 7a.m. and set out to the nearest shopping area, grab breakfast, shop till night time around 10 or 11p.m. and go back to the hotel.

However we did visit the Grand Palace, for 500THB per person. Not quite my thing, but that place was HUUUUUUGE and 1 hour was barely enough for us to finish walking around the whole place.

Here it's mostly temple after temple after temple. They have tour guides for this area alone, and my family and I were just there taking pictures.

To be honest I kinda don't see much difference from one temple to the next other than some colours and the statues they have surrounding it, but hey, it's still something.

We DID enter one of the open temples and prayed there for a while, and the insides of the temple is breathtakingly beautiful. It was gold all around, and the idols were intricately carved. No pictures were allowed though, so we didn't take any.

This picture on the left here. From the closed gates my sister and I saw a big array of knives, swords and what-nots. Presumably used by the police or something, there's many types of these weapons arranged neatly in the building. Now this one I'm interested in, but the building was closed and so we could only see through the gates.

We went to Chinatown afterwards. Initially we wanted to go back on a tuk-tuk, kinda similar to a taxi but without meters and it has a smaller capacity. Knowing that we are tourists we were charged higher, and so we took a bus instead at 8THB per person.
this is just a small section of the Grand Palace~!
in le boooaat
Visit to Chinatown was sort of disappointing, there wasn't much. Or maybe that's just because we didn't quite explore the whole thing. The same goes to the floating market one, but that was because we went there pretty late, around 1p.m.. By then the floating market was closed, I believe.

The boat ride took about 1.5 hours, and we got to feed fishes along the way.

The water's not as stinky as the Melaka River, so that's something. It was okay-ish, I guess.

Then there's Chatuchak weekend market. As said in its name it's only open during the weekends. This place I didn't manage to finish browsing through. It's bigger than all the other markets I've been to.

Thing is, we went there in the morning. and even by 11p.m. we weren't done browsing yet. It's THAT huge. (According to some website it covers 27 acres) But thank god there's a MRT station at the end of it, where my sister and I sat waiting for le mum to be done shopping at the last two hours.

There's a shop there dedicated to dolls, both creepy and not-so-creepies. I didn't buy anything back though, having seen so many horror movies about dolls xD

I guess that's about it? It was mostly shopping afterall, and there's nothing much to tell about that.

On the other hand, it's approaching New Year in another day, and I don't actually feel anything. But let's hope that next year will be even better than 2014 :)

I apologize to anyone I might have offended this year and I thank everyone who have entered my life as well.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Week 14

25th November  -  1 December 2014

On the 25th, there wasn't anything much really. But the neuroanatomy presentations were finally done with save for the presentation itself which was to be done the next day.

Oh right. On the night of 24th, I cut my hair to somewhere above shoulder length in the hostel washroom ,just because I can. It was okay, considering it was my first time cutting my own hair like that. Feels much lighter and I don't have to spend time combing hair in the morning as much anymore. Which is actually kind of awesome.

On the 26th, the neuroanatomy presentation was done with, and I can say that I think we did quite well. No pictures for the first three days, I guess.

But on this day we also tried out this new food outlet opposite the campus that no one really tried before, and I personally think that the food there is good. Fans of western food here, esp. spaghetti and stuff. So :) They have really nice cheese-baked spaghetti with fish there.

No, I don't usually take pictures of my food. But this is really quite pleasant so I'll make an exception.

27th, I stayed over at my friend's place with another coursemate and we studied quite some. I haven't actually stayed the night at a friend's place before so this was something new for me.

Eitherway, with three girls staying together for the night, let's just say that we had out equal shares of gossips and heart-to-heart talk and food and drama and of course, we still did study and were quite productive, in fact.


Should do this again some day soon.

28th, we went to that same food shop again, and I tried out another type of spaghetti. Still good, still good. Aiming to go there either once a week or two weeks. The review questions were just about done, and the revision mood is finally kicking in. And a few of us went to watch this Penguins - Madagascar movie and it was cute to say the least.

I probably still prefer non-cartoon movies though.

Here comes the tired and sleep-deprived nights, this one week before the finals.

29th November, it was basically just work and I bought a new novel for RM8, titled 'Blood Harvest'. ALso tried out New Zeland Natural ice-cream which is just a few booths away from my workplace.

30th November, 2014

My last day of work until I resume again in January next year. Had a nice chat with a colleague there, maybe we will meet again next year?

We discussed our presentation for Stats that night, and all the preparations were finally done with. I finished reading David Levithan's novel 'Everyday'. It was GOOD.

Had a late night supper when it was getting close to midnight with the hostel mates afters, and then we went back home for rest and stuff.

Gone November, comes December, on the 1st of December

We presented our Stats presentation today, and I kind of messed it up a bit as I was feeling nervous even though I was fine just several minutes before doing the presentation. With that done, le coursemates and I went to have brunch (at 10.30 a.m., but most of us were already hungry) at Subway. This breakfast thing is pretty nice too :D

Most of us went to study afters, and I finished part of my chemistry notes for the exam around 1 a.m.

This is the week before finals.

I have zero ideas on how prepared we all are.

But nevertheless I wish all le coursemates the best and that we are all gonna ace the exams.

Stick together throughout the next 8 semesters, alright?