The Best Girl

"This is it. You're almost done, I told myself as a cold gust of wind nearly knocked me into an evergreen."

 That was the first line of the novel 'The Best Girl' by Emma Harrison, which is probably my favourite novel out of my collection of books and novels. 

It's really a typical chic lit novel, about this girl named Farrah who was just going to be done with her finals and upon reaching home, had to plan her brother's bachelor party.

Not like Farrah was not suited for this job, because she was that not-so-girly-girl at home. She was one of the 'brothers', so to speak. Well there's a hot dude involved, of course, and the one involved in this novel is nicknamed Hot Connor. This guy happens to work where Farrah's brother was holding his wedding. 

Some conflicts and fun later, they are together. 

The end.

First novel bought!
Now why would this be my favourite novel? I actually did not quite settle on this novel being my favourite novel until earlier, when I saw that I was supposed to start my post with the first line of my favourite novel for today. As a part of the daily prompt challenge.

I just scanned through my bookshelf and among all the books I love this one just stood out.

It was the very first novel that I bought. Previously, all that I bought were storybooks, richly lined with cartoons and illustrations.

I bought this novel for RM19.90, quite a cheap deal, back when I was maybe 13 or 14. There were plenty of emotions involved when I read this novel for this first time. I was smiling at the troubles Farrah faced, really sad when the conflict with Connor happened, and when they got together again I was happy once more.

I remember reading this novel quite a number of times afterwards. I remember the storylines, knew what was going to happen, and how it's all going to end, but that did not stop me from reading it. 

Let's just say that I was glad to have bought and read the novel, because I would not have started collecting and reading more and more novels each year. This novel was the first in my whole collection. Now my novels are filling up one whole bookshelf.

I cannot be more proud of this. <3

On a side note I really am tired after working at my aunt's place for a mere 4 or 5 hours today. Being a waitress is not as easy or as relaxing as it seems. My legs feel so sore.

But that's some kind of exercise I guess, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Just gonna go read my novel till I fall asleep later on, perhaps.
Would be a nice way to end le day. Even if it's just 5pm.

Sleep ANYTIME. I need to get rid of mai panda eyes.

Nicki Sim

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